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Teaching Objective DebugName
Use basic sentencesStart here
Introduce peopleIntros
Use masculine formsMen
Use feminine formsWomen
Use neuter formsChildren
Describe somethingWhat?
Describe peopleWho?
Ask questionsQuestions1
Use the pluralGroups
Talk about namesYour name?
Discuss food and drinkFood
Talk about animalsAnimals
Use the accusativeWaiting
Address peopleIn/Formal
Make inquiriesQuestions2
Use personal pronounsYou and me
Say whose something isYours/Mine
Talk about colorsColors
Use the present tensePresent 1
Talk about familyFamily 1
Discuss clothingClothing
Use demonstrativesThis-That
Say when and whereAdverbs
Use basic numbersNumbers 1
Join simple sentencesIf/When
Use infinitivesInfinitive
Describe the householdHousehold
Talk about the pastPast 1
Say what's happeningPresent 2
Use numbersNumbers 2
Describe thingsWhat kind?
Name days of the weekDays/Week
Refer to locationsPlaces
Use bigger numbersNumbers 3
Discuss the bodyBody
Name monthsMonths
Use the locativeAbout...
Use ordinal numbersOrdinals
Talk about the pastPast 2
Use modal verbsModals 1
Use indefinite wordsIndef/Neg
Discuss familyFamily 2
Talk about countriesGeography
Discuss skillsSkills
Put events in sequenceAfter
Use the instrumentalWith what?
Say what would happenWould you?
Discuss nationalitiesNations
Talk about travelTravel
Say who you're withWith whom?
Use modal verbsModals 2
Discuss past actionsAspect
Talk about jobsJobs
Say how long agoAgo
Talk about natureNature
Say who said whatReported
Give instructionsImperative
Talk about the futureFuture 1
Use the dativeGiving etc
Discuss the futureFuture 2
Talk about sportsSports
Discuss communicationComm
Use possessivesPossess. 2
Use dative prepositionsTo whom?
Discuss politicsPolitics
Use reflexive pronounsReflexives
Use relative pronounsRelative1
Describe feelingsFeelings
Talk about directionsDirections
Discuss educationEducation
Use verbs of motionMovement
Discuss transportationTransport
Order at a restaurantRestaurant
Talk about body partsDual
Discuss scienceScience
Talk about romanceDating
Use passive formsPassives
Use dative numbersNumbers 4
Talk about the officeOffice
Talk about shoppingShopping
Express your wishesWishes
Tackle abstract topicsAbstract
Say what used to beUsed to
Discuss artsArts
Talk about the newsNews
Use relative pronounsRelative 2
Talk like the localsWhat the?!
Use common proverbsProverbs

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