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Teaching Objective DebugName
Talk about peopleBasics 1
Describe foodBasics 2
Greet peoplePhrases
Talk about foodFood
Discuss animalsAnimals
Use definite nounsDefinites
Describe actionsPlurals
Express ownershipGenitive
Use possessive pronounsPos. Pron.
Use object pronounsObj. Pron.
Talk about clothingClothing
Use the present tensePresent 1
Describe colorsColors
Ask questionsQuestions
Use prepositionsPrepos. 1
Form complex sentencesConjunct.
Talk about timeTime
Describe your familyFamily
Discuss jobsOccupation
Describe objectsAdject. 1
Talk about the presentPresent 2
Use adverbsAdverbs
Talk about placesPlaces
Describe things at homeObjects
Discuss exotic animalsAnimals 2
Describe people's rolesPeople
Use determinersDetermins.
Give directionsPrepos. 2
Describe travel plansTravel
Use numbersNumbers
Describe past eventsPast 1
Express wants and needsInfinit. 1
Talk about schoolEducation
Use the present tensePresent 3
Discuss abstract topicsAb. Obj. 1
Talk about the pastPast 2
Make comparisonsAdject. 2
Use the present perfectPre. Perf.
Talk about danish foodsDK Food
Use relative pronounsRel. Pron.
Use indefinite pronounsInd. Pron.
Use the infinitiveInfinit. 2
Discuss healthMedical
Use modalsModality
Talk about the distant pastPast Perf.
Discuss abstract topicsAb. Obj. 2
Describe natureNature
Use the present progressiveProgress.
Use reflexivesRef. Pron.
Talk about sportsSports
Combine nounsCom. Nouns
Use passive voicePas. Pres.
Discuss artsArts
Talk about mediaComm.
Express yourself politelyPoliteness
Use verbs as adjectivesPres. Par.
Give ordersImperative
Discuss politicsPolitics
Talk about the futureFuture
Use passive pastPas. Past
Talk about businessBusiness
Describe a kitchenKitchen
Discuss personal traitsAttributes
Say what might happenFu. Perf.
Discuss scienceScience
Describe news eventsEvents
Say what could have beenCon. Perf.
Describe the supernaturalSpiritual
Discuss danish cultureDK Culture
Describe fairy talesOnce Upon

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