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Teaching Objective DebugName
Order in a cafeBasics 1
Describe your familyFamily
Use adjectivesBasics 2
Greet peopleGreetings
The PassportThe Passport
Order in a restaurantRestaurant
Eddy, the DoctorDoctor Eddy
Say where you're fromPlaces
A New JacketA New Coat
The New StudentThe New Student
Talk about workJobs
Junior's QuestionJunior's Question
To the Station!To the Station!
Use the present tenseHobbies
The VegetarianThe Vegetarian
Vacation ClothesVacation Clothes
Ask for directionsDirections
The ReservationThe Reservation
Can I Help?What Do You Want?
Speak formallyQuestions
A New Video GameCan I Have It?
Shop at a marketMarket
Where Is Bea's Girlfriend?Find My Girlfriend
Describe the weatherWeather
The Basketball PlayerThe Basketball Player
Use the accusative caseFamily 2
Two Tickets Please!Two Tickets Please!
Talk about languageLanguages
I Say Thank YouThanks?
Talk about hobbiesLeisure
The Dance ClassThe Dance Class
Use modalsPlans
You're Not Maja!You're Not Mary
Describe a new apartmentApartment
Dinner with the FamilyFamily Dinner
Talk about shoppingShopping
Junior ExercisesJunior's Exercise
Discuss train travelTravel
The GardenThe Garden
Order at a restaurantDining Out
The Perfect WomanThe Perfect Person
Use commandsTransport
Where Is the Auto Repair Shop?Need Help?
Talk about birthdaysBirthday
French Fries or Salad, Junior?Junior's Choice
Make plans to go outHobbies 2
I Want a DogI Really Want a Dog
Give health adviceHealth
The ModelThe Model
Use adverbsPeople
Modern ArtBad Painting
Discuss oktoberfestEvents
The PhotoTake My Photo
Discuss your habitsHabits
Sports Are GreatA New Sport
Describe shared housingHousing
Lucy and the DinosaursLucy and the Dinosaurs
Where Are My Keys?Where Are My Keys?
Discuss hotel staysHotel
The Dirty ApartmentDirty Apartment
The ElephantsThe Monkeys
Refer to extended familyFamily 3
The Work of ArtGood Art
The Waiter Is RightThe Waiter Is Right
Talk about food likesFood
Very SickI Feel Sick
I Want PizzaI Want a Pizza
Form verbsPlans 2
The DiaryThe Diary
Roses from OscarOscar's Flowers
Plan to travel abroadTravel 2
Always Too LateAlways Late
Priya's Day OffDay Off
Discuss a new jobNew Job
The Birthday PartyBirthday Plan
Talk about your habitsHabits 2
What's Your Name?What's Your Name?
Pack for a vacationPacking
Nice to Meet YouAn Interesting Conversation
Plan dinnerGroceries
Not for KidsNot for Kids
Use complex verbsBirthday 2
Too DangerousToo Dangerous
Argue with a roommateRoommate
Lilli DrawsDrawing in the Park
Use the dative caseOn Break
Art HomeworkThe Art Homework
Plan a barbecueBarbecue
Father and SonPizza Night
Use the accusative caseCommunity
An Important GameThe Big Game
Form compound wordsPlans 3
Breakfast?Making Breakfast
Invite someone to a partyParty
Not an Artist?Look at My Painting
Describe preferencesFree Time
The Taxi RideTaxi Ride
Use dative pronounsErrands
Help!An Emergency
Form comparative adjectivesOpinions
The Love LetterLove Letter
Make excusesExcuses
Vikram's PlantsVikram's Plants
Ask for helpMoving
The CakeThe Cake
Express opinionsFood 2
The PromotionThe Promotion
Discuss holiday plansHolidays
The Ex-GirlfriendThe Ex-Girlfriend
Describe item locationsNew Home
The SongThe Song
Discuss a bad dayLong Day
Do I Know You?Send an Email
Form the past tenseWeekend
A Great TeacherA Great Teacher
Use large numbersWedding
The Car Is Broken DownCar Problem
Describe your vacationVacation
The Fishing TripThe Fishing Trip
Discuss routinesRoutines
The Fish BurialFish Funeral
Talk about petsPets
Pizza for the ColleaguesFree Pizza
Share gossipGossip
A Strange EndingSurprise Ending
Help find a lost passportPassport
Sari's Favorite BandMy Favorite Band
The Last SeatThe Last Seat
Discuss collegeCollege
Recycling Is ImportantRecycling Is Important
She Left MeEddy's Breakup
Plan to go to a concertConcert
Thanks MomThanks, Mom
Talk about kidsFamily 4
You Can Talk?You Can Talk?
Describe a dream jobDreams
No Cell Phones?Camping!
Form adjectivesShopping 2
Weekend VisitWeekend Visit
Talk to a doctorHealth 2
The Horror MovieThe Horror Movie
Describe your childhoodChildhood
You Are Getting OlderGetting Older
Form plural adjectivesParty 2
New Year, New BeaNew Year, New Bea
Ask for a favorFavors
We Are Moving to RomeGoing to Rome
Talk about past jobsJobs 2
A Second DateSecond Date
Use conjunctionsTake-Out
Can I Take a Picture of You?Can I Take a Picture?
Form the accusative caseGossip 2
The LetterThe Letter
Describe your feelingsFeelings
Too FastToo Fast
Talk about a dorm roomDorm
The Gray HairGray Hair
Discuss travel plansTravel 3
A Pink DressDress Shopping
Talk about habitsHabits 3
The Falling ElevatorFalling Elevator
Use modal verbsSchool
A Beautiful WeddingA Wedding Story
Describe coworkersCoworkers
The Hardest-Working EmployeeThe Manager's Office
Use the dative caseNeighbors
Grandmother's RecipeGrandmother's Recipe
Plan to go to the moviesMovies
A Love StoryA Love Story
Talk about GermanyGermany
Horoscopes Are NonsenseHoroscopes Aren't Real
Use dative pronounsDate
Who Stole My Lunch?The Sandwich Thief
Form the past tenseBad Luck
More Time for MyselfThe Breakup
Plan a dinner partyDinner
Pasta ProblemsPasta Problem
Describe your clothingWardrobe
The Pudding Tastes StrangeThis Tastes Strange
Discuss friendsFriends
The Dragon CakeThe Dragon Cake
Is It Love?Is This Love?
Return an item to a storeShopping 3
The Boxing MatchThe Boxing Match
The Flat TireFlat Tire
Indicate opinionsOpinions 2
A Great TentWhat a Great Tent!
The Movie PremiereThe Movie Premiere
Meet a friend's familyFamily 5
I Will Change EverythingTime for a Change
Describe a vacationVacation 2
I Want the Cheese SpaetzleI Want the Sandwich
Attend german carnivalCarnival
The Wrong GooseThe Wrong Duck
Use complex sentencesHealth 3
Are We There Yet?Asking for Directions
Book a hotel roomTravel 4
The Summer SweaterSummer Sweater
Use adjectivesRoommate 2
The Coffee ArtistThe Coffee Artist
Make complaintsRepairs
My Leg HurtsMy Leg Hurts
Discuss a trip to a farmFarm
A Nice Old LadyI Saw You
Form adjectivesPeople 2
Dinner with the CEODinner with the CEO
Fill out an applicationBanking
Oscar in Los AngelesOscar in Los Angeles
Talk about collegeUniversity
Vacation at the AirportAirport Vacation
Use the dative caseMemories
Sari Learns How to DriveZari's Driving Lesson
Ask for help shoppingShopping 4
Who's Coming to Dinner?Who's Coming to Dinner?
Discuss a trip to viennaVienna
Perfect for the JobPerfect for the Job
Describe a recipeCooking
The Best GradeThe Best Grade
Use the simple past tenseFairy Tale
A Terrible DateTerrible Date
Report a crimeOh No!
Send Me a MessageLeave a Message
Make a phone callTelephone
The Security QuestionThe Security Question
Complain about a jobWorst Job
Work from HomeWork from Home
The DrawingThe Drawing
Ask for tech supportTechnology
The Right MomentThe Right Time
The BakeryThe Bakery
Use reflexive pronounsHealth 4
My New HobbyNew Hobby
The Boy I LoveThe Boy I Love
Make dinner plansAsparagus
A Scream on the Night TrainA Scream on the Night Train
Vikram's SurpriseVikram's Surprise
Talk about schoolSchool 2
I Want to Be like YouI Want to Be like You
Bird SittingBird Sitting
Plan a vacationBaltic Sea
Lilli Takes out the TrashLily Helps with the Trash
The HackerThe Hacker
Discuss literatureLiterature
Sari, the HairdresserI Love Your Haircut
Form accusative adjectivesMarket 2
New JeansNew Jeans
Talk about choresBasement
The New RoommateNew Roommate
Form dative adjectivesCafé
Girl MusicGirl Band
Describe the Berlin zooBerlin Zoo
Jule's PlayJanet's Play
Discuss volunteer workDogs
There Is No PointLong-Distance Girlfriend
Use the future tenseNew Year
Space TurtlesSpace Turtles
Discuss travel problemsLuggage
Talk about a road tripRoad Trip
The House PartyHouse Party
Form complex sentencesFamily 6
Mayor EddyEddy for Mayor
Use the subjunctiveDining 2
Popular on Social MediaFamous on Social Media
Express wishesWishes
Picnic at the BeachBeach Day
Use the imperativeSchool 3
The Job InterviewThe Interview
Talk about triviaTrivia
The TeapotThe Tea Set
Shop for formal wearShopping 5
Pirates Are CoolPirates Are Cool
Discuss current eventsNews
The Magic SchoolThe Magic School
Use relative clausesCheating
Full of EnergyI Love Boxing
Express opinionsOpinions 3
An Old FriendAn Old Friend
Discuss the governmentGovernment
Be HonestBe Honest
Talk about pop cultureMedia
At the GymAt the Gym
Discuss the newsNews 2
The Cake CompetitionThe Pie Festival
Cheer on a soccer teamSoccer
I Need to PracticeI Need to Practice
Deal with bureaucracyJobs 3
The Farewell PartyGoing Away Party
Too ExpensiveIt's Too Expensive
Discuss homesicknessHomesick
The FrogThe Frog
Lilli's PictureLily's Painting
Catch up with old friendsReunion
I Can Do AnythingI Can Do Anything
A Long FlightThe Long Flight
Use the genitiveHistory
The Baby PhotoThe Baby Photo
Plan a luxury vacationVacation 3
The MoveMoving
Use the past passiveTrier
The BrideThe Bride
Describe animalsNature
A Stylish WeddingA Fancy Wedding
Report a crimeHelp!
I'm DrivingI'm Driving
Attend a puppet showPuppets
The ReunionThe Reunion
Gossip about peopleFamily 7
Move Your BedMove the Bed
Form the simple pastWolf
The New AppThe New App
Use the subjunctiveWishes 2
No DinnerThat's Not Dinner
Discuss immigrationImmigrants
Eddy's New HaircutEddy's New Haircut
The Wedding PresentThe Wedding Present
Catch up with familyGossip 3
Bea's DateBea's Date
Where Is Georg?Waiting for George
Discuss the Berlin wall1989
Marathon RunnerMarathon Runner
Aliens Are RealAliens Are Real
Finish the fairy taleWolf 2
Space PiratesSpace Viking
Bad ReceptionBad Reception
Discuss topics in classSeminar
Without PaddlesWithout A Paddle
A Perfect AnniversaryA Perfect Anniversary
Make others' excusesExcuses 2
A Dog Murder MysteryFront Window
Everything Junior WantsWhatever Junior Wants
Talk about the economyEcon 101
The PasswordThe Password
Junior's ChaosJunior Makes a Mess
Use genitive adjectivesHistory 2
Sari Is AuditioningThe Audition
Too ScaryScary Movie
Talk about universityCollege 2
Aunt IngeAunt Betty
Twenty YearsTwenty Years
Discuss apprenticeshipsApprentice
Junior's Job InterviewJunior's Interview
The DrummerThe Drummer

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