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DebugName StoryName
The Passport The Passport
Doctor Eddy Eddy, the Doctor
A New Coat A New Jacket
The New Student The New Student
Junior's Question Junior's Question
To the Station! To the Station!
The Vegetarian The Vegetarian
Vacation Clothes Vacation Clothes
The Reservation The Reservation
What Do You Want? Can I Help?
Can I Have It? A New Video Game
Find My Girlfriend Where Is Bea's Girlfriend?
The Basketball Player The Basketball Player
Two Tickets Please! Two Tickets Please!
Thanks? I Say Thank You
The Dance Class The Dance Class
You're Not Mary You're Not Maja!
Family Dinner Dinner with the Family
Junior's Exercise Junior Exercises
The Garden The Garden
The Perfect Person The Perfect Woman
Need Help? Where Is the Auto Repair Shop?
Junior's Choice French Fries or Salad, Junior?
I Really Want a Dog I Want a Dog
The Model The Model
Bad Painting Modern Art
Take My Photo The Photo
A New Sport Sports Are Great
Lucy and the Dinosaurs Lucy and the Dinosaurs
Where Are My Keys? Where Are My Keys?
Dirty Apartment The Dirty Apartment
The Monkeys The Elephants
Good Art The Work of Art
The Waiter Is Right The Waiter Is Right
I Feel Sick Very Sick
I Want a Pizza I Want Pizza
The Diary The Diary
Oscar's Flowers Roses from Oscar
Always Late Always Too Late
Day Off Priya's Day Off
Birthday Plan The Birthday Party
What's Your Name? What's Your Name?
An Interesting Conversation Nice to Meet You
Not for Kids Not for Kids
Too Dangerous Too Dangerous
Drawing in the Park Lilli Draws
The Art Homework Art Homework
Pizza Night Father and Son
The Big Game An Important Game
Making Breakfast Breakfast?
Look at My Painting Not an Artist?
Taxi Ride The Taxi Ride
An Emergency Help!
Love Letter The Love Letter
Vikram's Plants Vikram's Plants
The Cake The Cake
The Promotion The Promotion
The Ex-Girlfriend The Ex-Girlfriend
The Song The Song
Send an Email Do I Know You?
A Great Teacher A Great Teacher
Car Problem The Car Is Broken Down
The Fishing Trip The Fishing Trip
Fish Funeral The Fish Burial
Free Pizza Pizza for the Colleagues
Surprise Ending A Strange Ending
My Favorite Band Sari's Favorite Band
The Last Seat The Last Seat
Recycling Is Important Recycling Is Important
Eddy's Breakup She Left Me
Thanks, Mom Thanks Mom
You Can Talk? You Can Talk?
Camping! No Cell Phones?
Weekend Visit Weekend Visit
The Horror Movie The Horror Movie
Getting Older You Are Getting Older
New Year, New Bea New Year, New Bea
Going to Rome We Are Moving to Rome
Second Date A Second Date
Can I Take a Picture? Can I Take a Picture of You?
The Letter The Letter
Too Fast Too Fast
Gray Hair The Gray Hair
Dress Shopping A Pink Dress
Falling Elevator The Falling Elevator
A Wedding Story A Beautiful Wedding
The Manager's Office The Hardest-Working Employee
Grandmother's Recipe Grandmother's Recipe
A Love Story A Love Story
Horoscopes Aren't Real Horoscopes Are Nonsense
The Sandwich Thief Who Stole My Lunch?
The Breakup More Time for Myself
Pasta Problem Pasta Problems
This Tastes Strange The Pudding Tastes Strange
The Dragon Cake The Dragon Cake
Is This Love? Is It Love?
The Boxing Match The Boxing Match
Flat Tire The Flat Tire
What a Great Tent! A Great Tent
The Movie Premiere The Movie Premiere
Time for a Change I Will Change Everything
I Want the Sandwich I Want the Cheese Spaetzle
The Wrong Duck The Wrong Goose
Asking for Directions Are We There Yet?
Summer Sweater The Summer Sweater
The Coffee Artist The Coffee Artist
My Leg Hurts My Leg Hurts
I Saw You A Nice Old Lady
Dinner with the CEO Dinner with the CEO
Oscar in Los Angeles Oscar in Los Angeles
Airport Vacation Vacation at the Airport
Zari's Driving Lesson Sari Learns How to Drive
Who's Coming to Dinner? Who's Coming to Dinner?
Perfect for the Job Perfect for the Job
The Best Grade The Best Grade
Terrible Date A Terrible Date
Leave a Message Send Me a Message
The Security Question The Security Question
Work from Home Work from Home
The Drawing The Drawing
The Right Time The Right Moment
The Bakery The Bakery
New Hobby My New Hobby
The Boy I Love The Boy I Love
A Scream on the Night Train A Scream on the Night Train
Vikram's Surprise Vikram's Surprise
I Want to Be like You I Want to Be like You
Bird Sitting Bird Sitting
Lily Helps with the Trash Lilli Takes out the Trash
The Hacker The Hacker
I Love Your Haircut Sari, the Hairdresser
New Jeans New Jeans
New Roommate The New Roommate
Girl Band Girl Music
Janet's Play Jule's Play
Long-Distance Girlfriend There Is No Point
Space Turtles Space Turtles
Turbulence Turbulence
House Party The House Party
Eddy for Mayor Mayor Eddy
Famous on Social Media Popular on Social Media
Beach Day Picnic at the Beach
The Interview The Job Interview
The Tea Set The Teapot
Pirates Are Cool Pirates Are Cool
The Magic School The Magic School
I Love Boxing Full of Energy
An Old Friend An Old Friend
Be Honest Be Honest
At the Gym At the Gym
The Pie Festival The Cake Competition
I Need to Practice I Need to Practice
Going Away Party The Farewell Party
It's Too Expensive Too Expensive
The Frog The Frog
Lily's Painting Lilli's Picture
I Can Do Anything I Can Do Anything
The Long Flight A Long Flight
The Baby Photo The Baby Photo
Moving The Move
The Bride The Bride
A Fancy Wedding A Stylish Wedding
I'm Driving I'm Driving
The Reunion The Reunion
Move the Bed Move Your Bed
The New App The New App
That's Not Dinner No Dinner
Eddy's New Haircut Eddy's New Haircut
The Wedding Present The Wedding Present
Bea's Date Bea's Date
Waiting for George Where Is Georg?
Marathon Runner Marathon Runner
Aliens Are Real Aliens Are Real
Space Viking Space Pirates
Bad Reception Bad Reception
Without A Paddle Without Paddles
A Perfect Anniversary A Perfect Anniversary
Front Window A Dog Murder Mystery
Whatever Junior Wants Everything Junior Wants
The Password The Password
Junior Makes a Mess Junior's Chaos
The Audition Sari Is Auditioning
Scary Movie Too Scary
Aunt Betty Aunt Inge
Twenty Years Twenty Years
Junior's Interview Junior's Job Interview
The Drummer The Drummer

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