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Teaching Objective DebugName
Pair letters and soundsWarmUp
Recognise lettersForms of S
Use the articlesWhich the?
Form basic sentencesStretching
Read any wordGo
Use basic phrasesBasics 1
Talk about the presentBasics 2
Greet peoplePhrases
Talk about possessionsPossess.
Discuss food and drinkFood
Describe your familyFamily
Discuss about animalsAnimals 1
Form the pluralPlurals
Discuss clothingClothing
Ask questionsQuestions
Conjugate verbsBe & Have
Form the accusativeAccusative
Talk about the presentPresent 1
Describe colorsColors
Talk about things around youDetermin.
Talk about peoplePers. pron
Say who something belongs toGenitive
Talk about the weatherWeather 1
Form complex sentencesPrepos.
Use numbersNumbers
Describe appearanceAppearance
Describe an object or personAdject.
Appoint a dateDates
Talk about occupationsOccupation
Form complex sentencesConjun.
Talk about one's selfDefin. Pr.
Identify common objectsObjects
Describe a person's characterCharacter
Talk about furnitureHousehold
Talk about your habitsPresent 2
Describe sizesSizes
Talk about desiresSubj. Pres
Make indefinite statementsIndef. Pr.
Say what you doPresent 3
Talk about how you do thingsAdverbs
Talk about the pastS.Past 1
Give commandsImper. 1
Talk about intentionsSubj. Aor.
Talk about placesPlaces
Give directionsDirections
Form the participlesAct. Part.
Talk about meeting peoplePeople
Form the passive voicePassive Pr
Talk about GreeceGreece
Talk about the futureFut. Cont.
Talk about countriesCountries
Describe past eventsPast S. 2
Describe actions modallyAdverbs 2
Describe people and thingsAdject. 2
Use relative pronounsPron. Rel.
Make transit plansTransport
Make comparisonsAdj. Comp.
Express your feelingsFeelings
Talk about the pastPast Pass.
Use past participlesPart.Pass
Make comparisonsAdv. Comp.
Discuss abstract conceptsAbstr. Obj
Say what used to happenPast.Cont.
Discuss environmentNature
Talk about classesEducation
Tell others what to doImp. Pass.
Describe thingsAdject. 3
Discuss sportsAthletics
Talk about your childhoodPast.C.Pas
Talk about intentionsSubj.Pass
Discuss art & cultureArts
Discuss communicationComm/tion
Discuss abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 2
Talk about the futureFuture S.
Talk about the recent pastPr.Perfect
Discuss medicineMedical
Identify common animalsAnimals 2
Talk about the futureFut.S.Pass
Discuss politicsPolitics
Talk about materialsMaterials
Talk about the distant pastPast Perf.
Discuss scienceScience
Talk about computersComputers
Discuss social mediaSoc. Media
Talk about spending moneyShopping
Discuss mathematicsMath
Talk about the weatherWeather 2
Say what will happenFuture Per
Discuss businessBusiness
Discuss historyHistory
Discuss spiritualitySpiritual
Talk about what might happenCondit.
Discuss philosophyPhilosophy
Talk about social eventsEvents
Discuss Greek mythologyMythology

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