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Intermediate English from English 200 Units, 196 Different Lessons:

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Teaching Objective DebugName
Discuss traveling soloSolo trip
Order food deliveryDelivery
Describe a day in collegeAt School
Discuss your work experienceInterview
Talk about the choresChores
Talk in an online meetingMeeting
Catch up with old friendsReunion
Use the past tensePast
Talk about your healthHealth
Discuss social mediaInnovation
Describe your routineRoutines
Tell a fairy taleStories
Describe a weddingWedding
Share memoriesMemories
Describe past eventsPast 2
Talk about relationshipsRelations
Describe clothesClothing
Discuss traveling by planeAirport
Talk about the newsNews
Describe a trip in natureWildlife
Talk about the pastOld Times
Discuss relationshipsRomance
Discuss party preparationParty
Talk about visiting familyThe visit
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about workPromotion
Discuss opinionsDebate
Talk about the artsArts
Describe sleeping habitsBedtime
Discuss sportsGames
Talk about halloweenHalloween
Describe marriageMarriage
Form the past tensePast 3
Discuss a trip in natureHiking
Share a secretSecrets
Discussing medical issuesDoctor
Talk about your studiesStudies
Talk about a moveMoving
Talk about your daily commuteTransit
Express surpriseReally?
Describe technologyTechnology
Form verb phrasesVerbs
Talk about politicsPolitics
Express fearFears
Talk about moviesCinema
Talk about a tournamentTournament
Make transactionsBank
Establish contactsContacts
Describe geographyOutdoors
Eat in a restaurantDinner
Comment on musicConcert
Express wants and needsVerbs 2
Talk about crimeCrime
Talk about pastimesDay Off
Buy items you needShopping
Talk about historical erasDecades
Recount experiencesTourism
Express gratitudeGratitude
Talk about your homeMy Home
Confirm informationQuestions2
Talk about interestsInterests
Lead a conversationSmall Talk
Share anecdotesHave you?
Recount your latest tripIncident
Talk about newsNews 2
Talk about televisionTV
Talk about historyDecades 2
Describe the distant pastPast 4
Make plans with friendsFriendship
Refer to extended familyRelatives
Make complaintsComplaints
Report what someone saidThey Said
Talk about religionReligion
Make suggestionsSuggestion
Plan a moveMoving 2
Repeat what you heardIndirect
Talk about your goalsAmbition
Arrange auto maintenanceAutomobile
Comment on foodFood
Communicate with doctorsDoctor 2
Talk about life at schoolSchool
Plan a partyParty 2
Talk about newsNewspaper
Use the passive voicePassive
Talk about trafficTraffic
Describe natureRanch
Ask for and give adviceAdvice
Talk about professional lifeAmbition 2
Talk about placesTourism 2
Talk about famous peopleFame
Talk about foodKitchen
Express hopes and plansVerbs 3
Maintain a conversationChat
Return an itemStore
Make announcementsSpeech
Describe your homeMy home 2
Talk about mistakesMistakes
Express fearFears 2
Talk about what would have happenedCond.
Use the internetInternet
Talk about the artsGuests
Describe traditionsTradition
Eat at a restaurantDinner 2
Discuss the environmentEcology
Express preferencesGood taste
Talk about beautyBeauty
Use the passive voicePassive 2
Shop for salesBargain
Comment on sportsSports
Talk about wellnessHealth 2
Collaborate at workOffice
Resolve problemsTravel
Talk about newsCrime 2
Talk about historyHistory
Express wishesWishes
Give and get permissionPermission
Give health adviceHealth 3
Discuss movingMy Home 3
Give adviceAdvice 2
Take on a projectWork
Talk about gardeningGarden
Plan a tripTravel 2
Express suggestions or possibilitiesVerbs 4
Catch up at a reunionReunion 2
Talk about politicsCampaign
Predict the weatherWeather
Discuss potential risksRisks
Discuss obligationsRoutines 2
Debunk american clichésCliché
Express regretMistakes 2
Talk about the futureFuture
Talk about collegeStudies 2
Reminisce about the pastNostalgia
Express preferencesLikes
Communicate at workOffice 2
Discuss etiquetteEtiquette
Describe symptomsDoctor 3
Talk about (home) renovationsMy Home 4
Talk about relationshipsCouples
Tell storiesFairytale
Describe belongings or characteristicsPronouns
Talk about goalsMotivation
Exchange gossip/talk about rumorsGossip
Narrate past eventsGhost
Make complaintsNeighbors
Discuss cause and effectReturning
Talk about televisionSoap Opera
Talk about newsThe Island
Express opinionsDrama
Comfort somebodyBad Day
Describe past regrets or situationsVerbs 5
Maintain a conversationChat 2
Negotiate at workNegotiate
Blame someoneSiblings
Discuss hypotheticalsSuperhero
Give reasons and justificationsCommercial
Ask for things in a softened wayPlease
Negotiate while shoppingRefund
Understand a local news reportNews 3
Talk about music historyMusic
Repeat what someone saidIndirect 2
Use the present perfect progressiveBusiness
Talk about how things have changed100 Years
Express disagreementGame Day
Present a counter-argumentJudge Duo
Express frustrationScam
Discuss plans for a work partyPlanning
Make conclusions and deductionsDetective
Tell stories around a campfireCampfire
Use the passive voicePassive 3
Describe a move to the big cityBig City
Navigate a trip to a theme parkTheme Park
Negotiate chores with roommatesRoommates
Express how certain or uncertain you areTheater
Confirm informationProm
Express good wishes for someoneParty 3
Talk about your plans for a tripTravel 3
Use the future perfect progressiveBusiness 2
Make plans for a Friday nightFriday
Form verb phrasesVerbs 6
Navigate transactions at a garage saleBargain 2
Respond to a command or requestGym
Politely decline an offer or proposalGala
Talk about household choresCleaning
Catch up with an old friendOld Friend
Use the past perfect passiveExcuses
Express limitations or caveatsOutdoors 2
Talk about sporting eventsOlympics
Explain your plans and opinionsVerbs 7
Understand a guided tourHistory 2
Speculate about mysteriesMystery
Interact at a magic showMagic Show
Reminisce about childhoodMemories 2
Explain a complicated situationBad Day 2
Express relief and congratulationsGraduation

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