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Teaching Objective DebugName
Use basic wordsHello
Introduce yourselfGreet
Describe the weatherToday
Talk about peopleFamily
Describe daily lifeDaily Life
Use the accusativeHome
Use possessive pronounsNames
Talk about languagesLanguages
Describe colorsColors
Talk about foodFood 1
Discuss countriesCountries
Talk about animalsAnimals 1
Discuss foodFood 2
Describe your clothingClothing
Ask questionsQuestions
Use the present tenseActions 1
Talk about your familyFamily 2
Identify everyday objectsUseful
Talk about your homeHome 2
Use past and future tensesActions 2
Talk about amountsNumbers
Express datesDates
Talk about professionsOccupation
Use the imperativeRequests
Describe objectsDescribe
Give directionsDirections
Use affixesAffixes 1
Make purchasesShopping
Talk about timeTime
Describe your homeHome 3
Talk about the internetInternet
Use adverbsAdverbs
Talk about artArts
Express your feelingsFeelings
Describe placesPlaces
Talk about peoplePeople
Talk about your bodyThe Body
Use the -ig suffixCausing
Talk about abstract actionsActions 3
Use the -iĝ suffixBecoming
Talk about healthHealth
Describe your travelsTravel
Use affixesAffixes 2
Use expressionsExpression
Discuss educationEducation
Talk about natureNature
Discuss sportsSports 1
Use affixesAffixes 3
Express your ideasIdeas
Talk about languagesLanguages2
Describe your travelsVoyages
Use active participlesActivity
Discuss sportsSports 2
Talk about communicationMedia
Discuss abstract ideasConcepts
Talk about healthMedical
Use passive participlesAll Done
Talk about eventsEvents
Describe animalsAnimals 2
Talk about commerceBusiness
Discuss politicsPolitics
Talk about the earthThe Earth
Discuss religionSpiritual
Discuss scienceScience
Talk about romanceLet'sFlirt
Discuss esperanto cultureEo-Culture
Talk about financesFinancial
Expand your vocabularyWordBuild
Make small talkLet's Chat

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