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Teaching Objective DebugName
Form basic sentencesIntro
Greet peoplePhrases
Get around in a cityTravel
Order food and drinkRestaurant
Good MorningGood Morning
A DateA Date
One ThingOne Thing
Describe your familyFamily
A Very Big FamilyBig Family
The Red JacketThe Red Jacket
The PassportThe Passport
Shop for clothesShopping
The HoneymoonHoneymoon
Use present tensePres Tense 1
Radio: Gray HatRadio: Gray Hat
Doctor EddyDoctor Eddy
Talk about schoolSchool
A New CoatA New Coat
Radio: The Medical StudentRadio: The Medical Student
The New StudentThe New Student
Say where people are fromPeople
A QuestionJunior's Question
Radio: College CafeRadio: College Cafe
To the Station!To the Station!
Ask how people areGreetings
I Need a New Video GameCan I Have It?
Express travel needsTravel 2
Where Is Your Girlfriend?Find My Girlfriend
Radio: Train Ticket for TodayRadio: Train Ticket for Today
Talk about schedulesSchedule
The Basketball PlayerThe Basketball Player
Radio: María Is BusyRadio: María Is Busy
Talk about your lifePeople 2
One Ticket to BarcelonaTwo Tickets Please!
Radio: Who's That Man?Radio: Who's That Man?
Discuss others' livesPeople 3
Radio: Family of TeachersRadio: Family of Teachers
Talk about collegeSchool 2
The Dance ClassThe Dance Class
Use gender agreementAgreement
Radio: Zero BooksRadio: Zero Books
Describe your familyFamily 2
You Are Not MaryYou're Not Mary
Radio: Ana's BoyfriendRadio: Ana's Boyfriend
Talk about office workWork
Lucy's Famous RecipeLucy's Famous Recipe
Radio: Trouble at WorkRadio: Trouble at Work
Describe emotionsEmotions
Junior ExercisesJunior's Exercise
Radio: No Class TodayRadio: No Class Today
Say where people are fromPeople 4
The GardenThe Garden
Radio: Soccer PlayersRadio: Soccer Players
Describe clothingFashion
The Perfect PersonThe Perfect Person
Radio: Purple FashionRadio: Purple Fashion
Ask for directionsTravel 3
Need Help?Need Help?
Radio: Marta’s TownRadio: Marta’s Town
Talk about free timeLeisure
Junior's DecisionJunior's Choice
Form the present tensePres Tense 2
Radio: Reading with My CatRadio: Reading with My Cat
Describe activitiesActivities
I Want a Dog!I Really Want a Dog
Radio: SistersRadio: Sisters
Express preferencesPreference
The ModelThe Model
Radio: My Favorite ThingsRadio: My Favorite Things
Describe your routineRoutines
The PortraitBad Painting
Radio: Too Loud!Radio: Too Loud!
Describe your homeHousehold
Can You Take My Picture?Take My Photo
Order at a restaurantMenu
A New SportA New Sport
Refer to family membersFamily 3
Lucy and the DinosaursLucy and the Dinosaurs
Radio: Grandpa Community CenterRadio: Grandpa Community Center
Shop for clothesShopping 2
Where Are My Keys?Where Are My Keys?
Describe peopleDescribe
A Very Dirty ApartmentDirty Apartment
Use ser and estarTo Be
The MonkeysThe Monkeys
Talk about likesRecreation
That Is ArtGood Art
Radio: Horse CinemaRadio: Horse Cinema
Talk about interactionsCommunity
The Waiter Is RightThe Waiter Is Right
I Am SickI Feel Sick
Describe how you feelPhrases 2
I Want a PizzaI Want a Pizza
The DiaryThe Diary
Use pronounsConnection
Óscar's FlowersOscar's Flowers
Radio: Learning GermanRadio: Learning German
Use irregular verbsRoutines 2
I'm Always LateAlways Late
I Don't Work TodayDay Off
Describe activitiesGo for It!
Junior's BirthdayBirthday Plan
Talk about weatherWeather
What's Your Name?What's Your Name?
Use stem-changing verbsStem Changes
Radio: Cold YogaRadio: Cold Yoga
Talk about interestsInterests
An Interesting ConversationAn Interesting Conversation
Say what you can doBasic Info
It's Not for KidsNot for Kids
Make comparisonsHow Pretty
Too DangerousToo Dangerous
Describe travel plansTravel 4
Drawing in the ParkDrawing in the Park
Talk about likesInterest 2
The Art HomeworkThe Art Homework
Radio: Park ProblemsRadio: Park Problems
Shop for groceriesGroceries
Pizza NightPizza Night
Use commandsRequests
The Big GameThe Big Game
Discuss your routineRoutines 3
Junior's BreakfastMaking Breakfast
Use verbs like gustarTo Like
Talk about schoolSchool 3
My First PaintingLook at My Painting
Radio: Surprise ExamRadio: Surprise Exam
Use direct object pronounsShopping 3
The TaxiTaxi Ride
Radio: No More TeaRadio: No More Tea
Talk about plansPlans
An EmergencyAn Emergency
Express wants and needsTasks
A Love LetterLove Letter
Describe choresClean Up
Vikram's PlantsVikram's Plants
Use indirect object pronounsChit chat
The CakeThe Cake
Radio: Slow RestaurantRadio: Slow Restaurant
Give directionsDirections
The PromotionThe Promotion
Use object pronounsObjects
Share travel experiencesMemories
The Ex-GirlfriendThe Ex-Girlfriend
Tell storiesFarm
The SongThe Song
Radio: Clorinda and the GardenRadio: Clorinda and the Garden
Describe your weekendWeekend
Send Me an EmailSend an Email
Talk about vacationVacation
An Excellent TeacherA Great Teacher
Radio: Wine PartyRadio: Wine Party
Go shoppingShopping 4
A Problem with the CarCar Problem
Say what you preferWhich One?
A Fishing TripThe Fishing Trip
Talk about the weatherNature
Hércules's FuneralFish Funeral
Form the past tensePast Tense 1
Go on a tripTravel 5
Free PizzaFree Pizza
Describe past eventsSchool 4
A Surprise EndingSurprise Ending
Radio: Practical EducationRadio: Practical Education
Talk about your pastHistory
My Favorite BandMy Favorite Band
The Seat Is Yours!The Last Seat
Talk about the bodyHome
Recycling Is ImportantRecycling Is Important
Why Did She Break Up with Me?Eddy's Breakup
Express preferencesChoices
Thanks, MomThanks, Mom
Radio: A Day in the LifeRadio: A Day in the Life
Use commandsWork 2
You Can Talk?You Can Talk?
Radio: Sound SabotageRadio: Sound Sabotage
Talk about your childhoodChildhood
Use the past tensePast Tense 2
Eat in a restaurantDelicious!
A Weekend at Bea's HouseWeekend Visit
Radio: A Fiery FeastRadio: A Fiery Feast
Talk about fun plansFun Plans
Two TicketsThe Horror Movie
Talk about traditionsTraditions
You're Getting OlderGetting Older
Radio: Tomato FightRadio: Tomato Fight
Arrange to meet peopleSocial
New Year, New BeaNew Year, New Bea
Radio: Surprise!Radio: Surprise!
Describe past eventsMemories 2
I'm Going to RomeGoing to Rome
Talk about your homeApartment
The Second DateSecond Date
Radio: Snooze SolutionsRadio: Snooze Solutions
Talk with a doctorHealth
Can I Take Your Picture?Can I Take a Picture?
Exchange informationLook It Up
The LetterThe Letter
Radio: Boring NewsRadio: Boring News
Make general statementsLife
Too FastToo Fast
Use the imperfect tensePast Tense 3
Talk about recent eventsLast Week
I Have a White Hair!Gray Hair
Radio: A Speedy ServiceRadio: A Speedy Service
Describe your childhoodNostalgia
The Pink DressDress Shopping
Describe a storyStorybook
The ElevatorFalling Elevator
The WeddingA Wedding Story
Talk about travel plansVacation 2
The Manager's OfficeThe Manager's Office
Radio: Aztec Boat RideRadio: Aztec Boat Ride
Describe an eventNarrative
Grandmother's RecipeGrandmother's Recipe
Radio: Fashion for the FutureRadio: Fashion for the Future
Set the stage in a storyAnecdotes
A Love StoryA Love Story
The Horoscope Is a Big LieHoroscopes Aren't Real
Talk about workWork 3
Someone Stole My SandwichThe Sandwich Thief
Do You Want to Break up with Me?The Breakup
Use the imperfect tenseMagic Land
Pasta ProblemsPasta Problem
Form the past tensePast Tense 4
Radio: Amazonian HoneyRadio: Amazonian Honey
Ask about the pastHistory 2
This Tastes StrangeThis Tastes Strange
The Dragon CakeThe Dragon Cake
Describe daily activitiesDaily Life
Is It Love?Is This Love?
Radio: Makeover 101Radio: Makeover 101
Shop for groceriesGrocery 2
The Boxing MatchThe Boxing Match
The Flat TireFlat Tire
Talk about classesSchool 5
The TentWhat a Great Tent!
Radio: An Unexpected LessonRadio: An Unexpected Lesson
Talk about hobbiesHobbies
The Movie PremiereThe Movie Premiere
Use object pronounsObjects 2
Radio: A Sticky SituationRadio: A Sticky Situation
Share experiencesExperience
ChangesTime for a Change
Use the past progressiveWork 4
I Want the SandwichI Want the Sandwich
Buy items you needShopping 5
The Blue DuckThe Wrong Duck
Radio: Pajamas for BreakfastRadio: Pajamas for Breakfast
Talk about healthHealth 2
Let's Ask for DirectionsAsking for Directions
Discuss your childhoodYears Ago
The SweaterSummer Sweater
Talk about a dream tripVacation 3
A Coffee ArtistThe Coffee Artist
Radio: Night LifeRadio: Night Life
Talk about choresFinished!
My Leg HurtsMy Leg Hurts
Radio: A Box of MemoriesRadio: A Box of Memories
Exchange informationFind Out
The Old WomanI Saw You
Talk about changesSituations
Dinner with the DirectorDinner with the CEO
Use the present perfectPast Tense 5
Describe familiesFamily 4
Óscar in Los AngelesOscar in Los Angeles
Radio: Getting AlongRadio: Getting Along
Describe placesTravel 6
Airport VacationAirport Vacation
Use the future tenseFuture
Zari Learns How to DriveZari's Driving Lesson
Radio: Fusion FoodRadio: Fusion Food
Talk hypotheticallySchool 6
Who's Coming to Dinner?Who's Coming to Dinner?
Say what used to happenAnecdote 2
Perfect for the JobPerfect for the Job
Talk about a tripTravel 7
The Best GradeThe Best Grade
Radio: GPS BootsRadio: GPS Boots
Use commandsRequests 2
A Horrible DateTerrible Date
Form commandsCommands
Describe the weatherNature 2
Is He Calling Me?Leave a Message
Radio: The Green BeachRadio: The Green Beach
Describe relationshipsSocial 2
The Security QuestionThe Security Question
Talk about movingMoving In
Work from HomeWork from Home
Radio: Ceiling DishwasherRadio: Ceiling Dishwasher
Say what can be doneShopping 6
The DrawingThe Drawing
Radio: So Many SausagesRadio: So Many Sausages
Make conditional claimsWork 5
The Perfect MomentThe Right Time
Talk about a tripTravel 8
The BakeryThe Bakery
A New HobbyNew Hobby
Give commandsRequests 3
The Boy Who I LoveThe Boy I Love
Use the future tenseFuture Tense
Radio: Roommate ProblemsRadio: Roommate Problems
Use the present tenseFiction
Screams on the Night TrainA Scream on the Night Train
Radio: The Dance-offRadio: The Dance-off
Talk about likesWe Like It
Vikram's SurpriseVikram's Surprise
I Want to Be like YouI Want to Be like You
Make polite requestsRequests 4
Bird SittingBird Sitting
Lily Takes out the TrashLily Helps with the Trash
Describe eventsTravel 9
The HackerThe Hacker
Radio: No Pants!?Radio: No Pants!?
Describe a cityIn Town
I Love Your Haircut!I Love Your Haircut
The New JeansNew Jeans
Use the future tenseReading
The New RoommateNew Roommate
Radio: The Love PoemRadio: The Love Poem
A Band for GirlsGirl Band
Talk about technologyOnline
Janet's PlayJanet's Play
Radio: Emoji ChatRadio: Emoji Chat
This Isn't WorkingLong-Distance Girlfriend
Talk about romanceIn Love
Space TurtlesSpace Turtles
Form the past tensePast Tense 6
Radio: An Awkward HugRadio: An Awkward Hug
Some TurbulenceTurbulence
Talk about the newsNews
The PartyHouse Party
Radio: A Big SplashRadio: A Big Splash
Eddy for Mayor!Eddy for Mayor
Communicate at schoolStudying
Famous on Social MediaFamous on Social Media
Radio: Winging ItRadio: Winging It
One Day at the BeachBeach Day
Describe health issuesHealth 3
The InterviewThe Interview
Radio: Glow in the DarkRadio: Glow in the Dark
The Tea SetThe Tea Set
Express opinionsOpinions
I Love PiratesPirates Are Cool
Radio: Cat ConspiracyRadio: Cat Conspiracy
Eat the VegetablesEat Your Vegetables
Describe clothesClothing
Are We Cool?Are We Cool?
One StarOne Star
A Cruise at SunsetThe Sunset Cruise
Describe a recipeCooking
The Boss's SonThe Boss's Son
Use commandsCommands 2
Radio: A Special CakeRadio: A Special Cake
The Magic SchoolThe Magic School
Give adviceAdvice
Eddy the PrincessEddy the Princess
The Boat PartyThe Boat Party
Very DifferentToo Different
Give warningsWarnings
It Needs More GarlicIt Needs More Garlic
Radio: No InvitationRadio: No Invitation
I've ChangedI've Changed
Ask for travel informationTourist
Leave the HouseLeave the House
Radio: A Sacred StoneRadio: A Sacred Stone
Óscar's BirthdayOscar's Birthday
Describe your homeAt Home
The AstronautThe Astronaut
Radio: A Sticky SurpriseRadio: A Sticky Surprise
Dancing Is EasyHow to Dance
Talk about habitsHabits
I Love BoxingI Love Boxing
My Head Is Too BigBig Head
Too NiceToo Nice
Use the conditional tenseImagine
The GiftShopping for a Gift
Radio: Secret AgentRadio: Secret Agent
The Haunted HotelHaunted Hotel
Discuss businessAt Work
The Magic TrickThe Magic Trick
Form commandsCommands 3
An Old FriendAn Old Friend
The Water SlideThe Big Slide
Talk about politicsPolitics
The Book ClubThe Book Club
Radio: Dessert PoliticsRadio: Dessert Politics
I Have to Tell You the TruthBe Honest
Talk about right nowRight Now
At the GymAt the Gym
The Cake ContestThe Pie Festival
I Need to PracticeI Need to Practice
Describe personalitiesPeople 5
The Farewell PartyGoing Away Party
Radio: Birthday PlansRadio: Birthday Plans
The Spicy SoupThe Spicy Soup
Use the imperfect tensePlaces
It's Too ExpensiveIt's Too Expensive
Radio: Balcony of LoveRadio: Balcony of Love
The FrogThe Frog
Use the present tenseToday
Lily's PaintingLily's Painting
Radio: Mascot TroublesRadio: Mascot Troubles
I Can Do AnythingI Can Do Anything
Talk about your choresAt Home 2
An Important DecisionAn Important Decision
Radio: Stain SOSRadio: Stain SOS
Are You Sick?Are You Sick?
Talk about dreamsImagine 2
First ClassFirst Class
Radio: Dream MachineRadio: Dream Machine
Pajamas and Potato ChipsPajamas and Potato Chips
Talk about office workOffice
The Rejection LetterThe Rejection Letter
Use object pronounsPronouns
Radio: Fashion EmergencyRadio: Fashion Emergency
A Very Long FlightThe Long Flight
Talk in classIn Class
The Baby PhotoThe Baby Photo
Give time referencesSince Then
The MoveMoving
Radio: Salsa ClubRadio: Salsa Club
Describe a tripVacation 4
The BrideThe Bride
Talk about customsCustoms
A Very Fancy WeddingA Fancy Wedding
Radio: Celebrating the DeadRadio: Celebrating the Dead
Share scary experiencesMystery
But I'm DrivingI'm Driving
Radio: A Ghost?!Radio: A Ghost?!
Visit the doctorHealthcare
Fifty Years LaterThe Reunion
Talk about the trafficTraffic
Let's Move the BedMove the Bed
Radio: Lost in TranslationRadio: Lost in Translation
Make suggestionsPlans 2
The New AppThe New App
Form the past tensePast Tense 7
Talk about wishesWishes
That's Not DinnerThat's Not Dinner
Ask for and offer helpFavors
Eddy's HaircutEddy's New Haircut
Radio: Universal ChargerRadio: Universal Charger
Discuss personalitiesAt Work 2
The Wedding PresentThe Wedding Present
Describe eventsEvents
Bea's DateBea's Date
Radio: Missing MasterpieceRadio: Missing Masterpiece
Form the subjunctiveCollege
Waiting for JorgeWaiting for George
Radio: ProcrastinatorRadio: Procrastinator
Go out to eatEating Out
I'm Going to Run a Marathon!Marathon Runner
Radio: A Feast for the EyesRadio: A Feast for the Eyes
Express intentionsIntentions
Aliens ExistAliens Are Real
Use the subjunctiveSubj 1
Use the present perfectNews 2
Space VikingsSpace Viking
Use the past perfectFree Time
I Have No ReceptionBad Reception
Radio: Secrets in the SandRadio: Secrets in the Sand
Talk about sportsSports
Where Are the Paddles?Without a Paddle
Talk about artArt Events
The Perfect AnniversaryA Perfect Anniversary
Radio: The Secret GalleryRadio: The Secret Gallery
Go to the bankBanking
Where Is the Dog?Front Window
Junior Can DecideWhatever Junior Wants
Talk about the forecastWeather 2
The PasswordThe Password
Form the subjunctiveSubj 2
Junior Makes a MessJunior Makes a Mess
Express disagreementI Disagree
The AuditionThe Audition
Radio: Not Cheese!Radio: Not Cheese!
Talk about loveRomance
A Scary MovieScary Movie
Radio: A Secret AdmirerRadio: A Secret Admirer
Use the subjunctiveOffice 2
Aunt BettyAunt Betty
Twenty YearsTwenty Years
Participate in a sportGoal!
Junior's InterviewJunior's Interview
The DrummerThe Drummer
Describe clothingClothing 2
Sorry I'm LateSorry I'm Late
Radio: Warm ThanksRadio: Warm Thanks
Shop for hygiene itemsHygiene
I Like Your TieNice Tie
Use the past perfectPast Tense 8
Radio: Onion DeodorantRadio: Onion Deodorant
Buy clothesPurchases
The AccidentThe Accident
Return faulty productsReturns
The Movie Is about to BeginLate for the Movie
Make polite requestsBe Polite!
This Isn't a Date?Is This a Date?
Form the subjunctiveCustomers
The Art ShowThe Art Show
Look at That Whale!Whale Watching
Radio: Noisy NeighborsRadio: Noisy Neighbors
Make small talkSmall Talk
I'll Fix It!I Can Fix It!
Use the subjunctiveSubj 3
Radio: Rat CoutureRadio: Rat Couture
Talk about animalsEcology
Clara's PartyHannah's Party
Radio: The Amazon’s SecretRadio: The Amazon’s Secret
Talk about artArt Talk
Eddy's MeetingEddy's Meeting
Say what used to happenTravelers
I'm the ManagerI'm the Manager
Express agreementI agree
Is Your Wifi Working?Is Your Wi-Fi Working?
Request informationQuestions
The Worst SeasonThe Worst Season
Express possibilitiesProbably
Call a Doctor!Call a Doctor
Radio: Feel the BeatRadio: Feel the Beat
Express doubtsDoubts
Lin's ResumeLin's Resume
Visit the hospitalHospital
The Great Baking ShowThe Great Baking Show
Describe work issuesHard Work
The RefundThe Refund
Use relative pronounsPronouns 2
Radio: Substitute YouRadio: Substitute You
Describe an emergencyUrgency
Something NewSomething New
Express gratitudeGratitude
The Lost CostumeThe Lost Costume
Radio: Gratitude GrillRadio: Gratitude Grill
Tell others what to doLet's Go!
The Cat RuleThe Cat Rule
It's Forbidden to Feed the SealsDon't Feed the Seals
Use adverbsBad Day
The Yoga ClassYoga Class
The Flu ShotThe Flu Shot
Talk about the newsBad News
Where's My Jacket?Where's My Jacket?
The Worst Monkey in the ZooBad Monkey
Comfort othersComfort
Bea's ListThe List
Radio: Popcorn ProblemsRadio: Popcorn Problems
Use modalsEmpathy
A Monster under the BedMonster under the Bed
Use the subjunctiveSubj 4
Inhale, ExhaleInhale, Exhale
In the Front RowFront Row
Express disappointmentToo Bad
A Night without JuniorEddy's Night Out
Talk about a dateBlind Date
Is It Too Late?Checking In
Describe instructionsRecipes
Bad at SoccerBad at Soccer
Radio: Surprise SoupRadio: Surprise Soup
Describe technologyGot WiFi?
Can You Give Me the Recipe?What's the Recipe?
Radio: Anti Search EngineRadio: Anti Search Engine
Get things fixedFix It!
On the NewsOn the News
Form the past subjunctiveSubj 5
Talk about decorDecor
Let's Save the Animals!Save the Animals!
Discuss health insuranceInsurance
Junior's New BusinessJunior's New Business
Watch a talk showTalk Show
Too Many ThingsToo Much Stuff
Radio: The Ghost PoetRadio: The Ghost Poet
Talk about holidaysCelebrate!
The Secret PlaceSecret Place
Discuss world newsWorld News
Eddy's TearsEddy's Tears
Talk about agricultureHarvest
I'm Fine!I'm Fine!
Radio: The Seed VaultRadio: The Seed Vault
Use the imperativeBuy Now!
Surprise PartySurprise Party
Radio: A Single SockRadio: A Single Sock
Say how things happenedTV Chef
The Principal's OfficeThe Principal's Office
Use passive voicePassive
Radio: Recreating a RecipeRadio: Recreating a Recipe
Express concernsConcerns
Is She Mad at Me?Is She Mad at Me?
Share travel experiencesAdventures
Some Very Tasty CookiesThe Best Cookies
Radio: A Dip in the SpringRadio: A Dip in the Spring
Talk about jobsJobs
Dating AppsDating Apps
Describe peopleNeighbors
My Horse Hates MeMy Horse Hates Me
Radio: No Clowns!Radio: No Clowns!
Use the past subjunctiveCounsel
The VideotapeThe Videotape
Radio: Popstar TeacherRadio: Popstar Teacher
Discuss health advicePatients
Remove This StatueRemove This Statue
Use the subjunctiveSubj 6
Express doubtsDisbelief
What Are You Wearing?Tiny Hat
Express surpriseSurprise
The MountainThe Mountain
A Difficult PersonA Difficult Person
Discuss school for childrenElementary
Pirate WorldPirate Land
I Can Predict the FutureI Can Predict the Future
Uncle Edward's HouseUncle Edward's House
Get Out of Here!Get Out!
Use transitional phrasesAnimals
My Card Is Suspended?Late Fees
Painting at SunrisePainting at Sunrise
Discuss others' livesGossip
A Relaxing WeekendA Relaxing Weekend
A Walk in NatureNature Hike
Ask for permissionBig Trip
My Money, My RulesMy Money, My Rules
Talk about healthy livingLifestyle
A List for EddyEddy's Chores
Talk hypotheticallyNew Home
A Crown for ZariA Real Prince
Manage work projectsManagement
Dogs for AdoptionAdopt These Dogs
Discuss medical adviceDoctors
Dog Walker Seeks ClientsDog Walker for Hire
Talk about car issuesMechanic
Junior's First KissJunior's First Kiss
Discuss career pathsCareer
Lin Wants to Go on TVLin's Audition
Use conditional sentencesConditional
Thank You for an Unforgettable NightThanks for the Memories
Attend reunionsReunion
The Price of FameEddy Gets an Offer
Super BabysittersLooking for a Babysitter
Talk about politicsCampaign
A Letter to My FatherA Letter to Eddy
Eddy, a Star for a DayEddy's Big Debut
Discuss climate changeClimate
Ghost LogsGhost Hunting Log
Ghost HuntersSupernatural Cleaners Reviews
Admonish othersAdmonish
Weekly Aquarium NewsletterCity Aquarium Newsletter
Operation Clean BeachBeach Clean Up
Space Adventures with RamiroJJ's Astronaut Adventures
Talk about parenthoodNew Parent
Camp for Young AstronautsAstronaut Camp
Talk about folk beliefsFolklore
The Wedding CakeCake Delivery
Lin's Towing ServiceLin's Towing Service
Express regretRegrets
Dear Diary, May 16thOscar's Diary Entry, May 16th
Use complex future tensesFuture 2
A Romantic DinnerA Romantic Date
Discuss university lifeHigher Ed
May the Best Win!Spilled Sugar
Junior's Action FigureThe Action Figure
On the Dance FloorJunior's Dance Moves
Art Class RulesArt Class Rules
React to familyTogether
Óscar's Day OffOscar's Day Off
Bea the PhotographerBea the Photographer
Have conversations at workColleagues
Request to Reunite the BandGet Back Together
Zari Is Very SadZari's Crisis
Deal with paperworkPaperwork
Teenage WorldJunior the Teenager
Discuss injuriesEmergency
Fly, Little Bird!Baby Bird
Talk about home repairsFix It Up
Lily the InterpreterLily the Interpreter
Bicker with someoneBickering
Tips from Chef EddyEddy's Cooking Tips
Talk about telenovelasTelenovela
Pirate FeverPirate Post
Talk about life changesChanges
Anything for LilyImpressing Lily
Discuss frustrationMonotony
Eddy's Dating ProfileEddy's Dating Profile
Style ThiefStolen Art
Express surpriseReally?!
The WarrantyThe Warranty
Get Me Out of Here!Locked In
Describe a bad tripBad Trip
Get Well Soon!Get Well Soon
How to Survive a FestivalSurviving a Music Festival
Identify cultural issuesAdapting
What Did I Miss?What Did I Miss?
Announcement for the StaffMovie Theater Memo
Refer to unfamiliar itemsNew Cook
What Would Lucy Do?Dear Lucy
Use the verb haberHaber
Show Your TalentTalent Show
Discuss growing upGrowing Up
Art on a Limited BudgetBuying Art on a Budget
I'm the ExpertA True Expert
Talk about feelingsCaring
Remember Me?Remember Me?
The BodyguardFormal Attire
Comfort othersBreak Up
Óscar the BabysitterOscar the Babysitter
'Lethal Art Review''Museum of Doom - A Review'
Interrupt a conversationInterrupt
Shall We Practice a Date?The Practice Date
The Best BabysitterSelecting Movies for Babysitting
Ask tactful questionsDisaster
Let's Connect with Nature!Happy Camper
Your Apartment, My RulesThe Roommate Agreement
Blame othersSiblings
The Crabs Need YouSave the Crabs
Do You Want to Write a Best Seller?Writing an Award-Winning Memoir
Criticize someoneCriticism
Don't Touch My Park!Local Park Renovations
Use the subjunctiveSubj 7
Neighborhood ThreatNeighborhood Threat
Give reasons and justificationsTheme Park
Thanks a Million for Your Bike!Thanks for the Bike
Ask for things in a softened wayProjects
Don't Rush ArtYou Can't Rush Art
Negotiate while shoppingNegotiate
This Week at SchoolThis Week's School Highlights
React to the newsNewscast
Junior's Birthday PartyJunior's Birthday Party
Talk and reflect about past eventsEquality
Used Computer for SaleUsed Laptop for Sale
Use the past subjunctiveSubj 8
Describe trends in art over timeArt
RivalsThe Rival
Make comparisons at a sports eventWrestling
Vintage JacketsThe Vintage Jacket
Karaoke Bar Causes ControversyKaraoke Controversy
Express disagreementSoccer
The Good, the Bad and the StrangeGreat Food, Bad Service
Now That I'm a Grown-upA Grown-up Birthday
Use possessive pronounsArguing
Master Your RelaxationMastering Relaxation
The BlackoutThe Great Blackout
Express frustrationAnnoyed
A Date for My FrogThe Lonely Frog
A Pretty Good BakeryPretty Good Bakery
Achieve consensus in a disagreementGames
Proof of My InnocenceI'm Innocent
Zari against LilyZari vs. Lily
Make conclusions and deductionsDetective
The PlaywrightThe Playwright
The New CoachThe New Coach
Tell scary storiesLegends
To Bed, Vikram!Vikram's Sick Day
Use verbs with prepositionsVerbs
Lin's Letter of RecommendationLin's Letter of Recommendation
Use the present subjunctiveJob Search
The Ideal Job for LinSuper Qualified
The New OvenThe New Oven
Rearrange plansFam Event
Invitation to an Evening Out with ÓscarOscar's Winter Gathering Invitation
Time TravelThe Time-Traveler
Give tactful commandsZombies
The Art ContestThe Art Competition
Lin Leaves the NestLin Moves Out
Interact at a performanceMagic show
How to Raise Your Kids?Eddy's Parenting Book
The Art of PersuasionThe Art of Persuasion
Confirm informationQuince
Do You Know the Owner?I Know the Landlord
What's That Smell?What's That Smell?
Express and respond to wishesNew Life
Looking Back on Last YearYear in Review
Talk about past plansPets
My cousin LinoCousin Lou
Use the future tenseThe Future
The Art CampArt Camp
Navigate transactionsTechnology
Lin Takes Care of a CatCat Sitting
Express lack of preferenceAssignment
The Luxury HotelThe Fancy Hotel
Use pronouns attached to verbsPronouns 3
A Romantic GetawayRomantic Getaway
Respond to a command or requestGym
Lin the Lawyer?Lin the Lawyer
A Frog at the OperaOpera Frog
Reject a proposal or invitationA date
The Anonymous CollectorThe Secret Buyer
My Ex's WeddingMy Ex's Wedding
Uncomfortable News Inc.The Rejection Business
A Trendy BakeryThe Coolest Bakery
Express travel needsGetaway
My Days OffHoliday Request
New Policies at the BakeryUpdated Bakery Policies
Discuss politicsPolitics 2
A Huge CommitmentA Big Commitment
Zari, the MatchmakerThe Matchmaker
Talk about the pastMischief
Lin's ChoresLin's Chores
Coaches and RivalsThe Rival Coach
Nobody's PerfectNobody's Perfect
Express limitations or caveatsAuto
Óscar and the DirectorThe Art Department
Communicate preciselyNewspaper
New Walking Tour!New Walking Tour!
Use comparative expressionsModifiers
Dear Concerned ParentsDear Concerned Parents
Manager WantedThe Weekend Manager
Talk about sporting eventsOlympics
The EclipseThe Eclipse
How to Get Free FoodLin's Guide to Free Food
Use the conditionalFirst Date
Prompt someone to speak and reactConvention
The Best of the CityBest of the City
Reminisce about childhoodOld Friend
The AuctionThe Auction
Positive ThinkingPositive Thinking
Danger in the SnowThe Ski Trip
Explain a complicated situationMishap
Second PlaceSecond Place
Organize and connect informationLearning

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