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Teaching Objective DebugName
Introduce yourselfHello!
Use common phrasesGood Luck!
Talk about peopleBasics 1
Describe thingsBasics 2
Discuss your petsPets 1
Talk about placesThe North
Use the present tenseFamily
Talk about possessionsHome 1
Ask and answer questionsPhrases 1
Refer to languagesLanguage 1
Talk about foodBarbecue
Find out where places areSights
Describe amountsFridge
Discuss languagesLanguage 2
Talk about choresHome 2
Say what you can doKnow-How
Make requestsCoffee
Form the pluralMeow!
Discuss where people liveEurope
Use numbersPets 2
Form negative sentencesWorld
Talk about natureWild
Express fondnessLove
Go to a coffee shopYummy!
Tell timeO'Clock
Form sentencesOutdoors 1
Use common phrasesPhrases 2
Talk about technologyTech
Order food and drinkRestaurant
Explore a cityCity
Shop for clothesShopping
Use words that end in iOutdoors 2
Discuss your vacationVacation
Talk about your hobbiesHobbies
Say goodbyePhrases 3

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