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DebugName StoryName
Good Morning Good Morning
A Date A Date
One Thing One Thing
Big Family A Big Family
The Red Jacket I Want This Jacket!
The Passport The Passport
Honeymoon The Honeymoon
Doctor Eddy Eddy, the Doctor
A New Coat The Bag
The New Student The New Student
Junior's Question A Question
To the Station! To the Station!
The Vegetarian The Vegetarian
More Space More Space
Vacation Clothes Clothes for My Vacation
The Reservation The Reservation
I Want a Dog The Dog
What Do You Want? What Do You Want?
Coffee, Please! A Coffee, Please
Lily's Clothes Lily's Clothes
At the Supermarket At the Supermarket
The Perfect Girlfriend The Perfect Girlfriend
Ticket to Spain Trip to Spain
Math Help The Math Test
Can I Have It? I Want This Game
Find My Girlfriend Where Is Your Girlfriend?
The Basketball Player The Basketball Player
Two Tickets Please! A Ticket to New York
Thanks? Thanks?
The Dance Class The Dance Class
You're Not Mary Where Is Marie?
Lucy's Famous Recipe Lucy's Famous Recipe
Junior's Exercise Junior Exercises
The Garden The Garden
The Perfect Person The Perfect Person
Need Help? Can I Help You?
Junior's Choice Junior's Choice
I Really Want a Dog I Really Want a Dog
The Model The Model
Bad Painting The Portrait
Take My Photo Can You Take a Picture of Me?
A New Sport The New Sport
Lucy and the Dinosaurs Lucie and the Dinosaurs
Where Are My Keys? Where Are My Keys?
Dirty Apartment The Kitchen Is Really Dirty
The Monkeys The Monkeys
Good Art This Is Not Art
The Waiter Is Right The Waiter Is Right
I Feel Sick I Feel Sick
I Want a Pizza I Want a Pizza
The Diary The Diary
Oscar's Flowers Oscar's Flowers
Always Late Always Late
Day Off Day Off
Birthday Plan Junior's Birthday
What's Your Name? What's Your Name?
An Interesting Conversation An Interesting Conversation
Not for Kids That's Not for Kids!
Too Dangerous It's Too Dangerous!
Drawing in the Park Drawing in the Park
The Art Homework The Art Homework
Pizza Night Pizza Night
The Big Game The Big Game
Making Breakfast Breakfast
Look at My Painting Look at My Painting
Taxi Ride In the Taxi
An Emergency It's an Emergency!
Love Letter Love Letter
Vikram's Plants Vikram's Plants
The Cake The Cake
The Promotion The Promotion
The Ex-Girlfriend It's My Ex!
The Song The Song
Send an Email Send an Email
A Great Teacher An Excellent Teacher
Car Problem Car Problems
The Fishing Trip A Day Fishing
Fish Funeral Burial at Sea
Free Pizza Free Pizza
Surprise Ending Weird Ending
My Favorite Band My Favorite Band
The Last Seat Sit Down
Recycling Is Important Recycling Is Important
Eddy's Breakup Eddy's Breakup
Thanks, Mom Thanks, Mom!
You Can Talk? You Can Talk?
Camping! At the Campsite
Weekend Visit Sleeping At Your Place
The Horror Movie Two Tickets
Getting Older You're Getting Older
New Year, New Bea New Year, New Bea
Going to Rome Going to Rome
Second Date Second Date
Can I Take a Picture? Can I Take Your Picture?
The Letter The Letter
Too Fast Too Fast
Gray Hair I Have a White Hair!
Dress Shopping A Pink Dress
Falling Elevator The Elevator
A Wedding Story My Cousin's Wedding
The Manager's Office The Manager's Office
Grandmother's Recipe My Grandmother's Recipe
A Love Story A Love Story
Horoscopes Aren't Real I Don't Believe in Horoscopes
The Sandwich Thief The Sandwich Thief
The Breakup You're Breaking up with Me?
Pasta Problem Did the Recipe Change?
This Tastes Strange This Tastes Strange
The Dragon Cake The Wedding Cake
Is This Love? Finding Love!
The Boxing Match The Boxing Match
Flat Tire Flat Tire
What a Great Tent! A Great Tent!
The Movie Premiere The Premiere
Time for a Change It's Time to Change
I Want the Sandwich I Want the Sandwich
The Wrong Duck The Blue Duck
Asking for Directions Let's Ask for Directions
Summer Sweater The Sweater
The Coffee Artist It's Quite an Art
My Leg Hurts My Leg Hurts
I Saw You The Old Woman
Dinner with the CEO Dinner with the CEO
Oscar in Los Angeles Oscar in Los Angeles
Airport Vacation Airport Vacation
Zari's Driving Lesson Zari Learns to Drive
Who's Coming to Dinner? Who's Coming to Dinner?
Perfect for the Job Perfect for the Job
The Best Grade The Best Grade
Terrible Date Last Night's Dinner
Leave a Message He’s Calling Me?
The Security Question The Security Question
Work from Home Work from Home
The Drawing The Drawing
The Right Time The Right Time
The Bakery The Bakery
New Hobby The New Hobby
The Boy I Love The Boy I Love
A Scream on the Night Train A Scream in the Night
Vikram's Surprise Vikram's Surprise
I Want to Be like You I Want to Be like You
Bird Sitting Bird Sitting
Lily Helps with the Trash Lily Tidies Up the Apartment
The Hacker The Hacker
I Love Your Haircut I Love Your Haircut
New Jeans New Jeans
New Roommate The New Roommate
Girl Band A Great Concert
Janet's Play Janelle's Play
Long-Distance Girlfriend Long-Distance Relationship
Space Turtles Space Turtles
Turbulence Turbulence
House Party The Party
Eddy for Mayor Vote for Eddy!
Famous on Social Media Famous on Social Media
Beach Day Beach Day
The Interview I Really Want This Job
The Tea Set The Tea Set
Pirates Are Cool I Love Pirates
Eat Your Vegetables Eat Your Vegetables
Are We Cool? Are We No Longer Cool?
One Star One Star
The Sunset Cruise Sunset Cruise
The Boss's Son The Boss's Son
The Magic School The Magic School
Eddy the Princess Eddy the Princess
The Boat Party A Fancy Party
Too Different Too Different
It Needs More Garlic More Garlic
I've Changed I've Changed
Leave the House You Should Go Out
Oscar's Birthday Oscar's Birthday
The Astronaut The Astronaut
How to Dance Dancing Is Easy
I Love Boxing I Love Boxing
Big Head A Big Head
Too Nice Too Nice
Shopping for a Gift Choosing a Gift
Haunted Hotel Haunted Hotel
The Magic Trick The Magic Trick
An Old Friend An Old Friend
The Big Slide The Big Slide
The Book Club The Reading Club
Be Honest Be Honest
At the Gym At the Gym
The Pie Festival Pie Contest
I Need to Practice I Need to Practice
Going Away Party Going Away Party
The Spicy Soup The Spicy Soup
It's Too Expensive Too Expensive
The Frog The Frog
Lily's Painting Lily's Painting
I Can Do Anything I Can Do It
An Important Decision An Important Decision
Are You Sick? Are You Sick?
First Class First Class
Pajamas and Potato Chips Potato Chips and Pajamas
The Rejection Letter You Lost
The Long Flight A Long Flight
The Baby Photo The Baby Picture
Moving The Move
The Bride The Bride
A Fancy Wedding A Fancy Wedding
I'm Driving I'm the One Driving
The Reunion Fifty Years Later
Move the Bed Let's Move the Bed
The New App The New App
That's Not Dinner Eddy's Emergency
Eddy's New Haircut Eddy's Haircut
The Wedding Present The Wedding Gift
Bea's Date Bea's Date
Waiting for George The Wedding Anniversary
Marathon Runner I Am Going to Run a Marathon!
Aliens Are Real Aliens Exist
Space Viking The Space Viking
Bad Reception Bad Reception
Without a Paddle A Boat Ride
A Perfect Anniversary A Perfect Anniversary
Front Window Where Is the Dog?
Whatever Junior Wants Whatever Junior Wants
The Password The Password
Junior Makes a Mess Junior Makes a Mess
The Audition The Audition
Scary Movie Horror Movie
Aunt Betty Aunt Élisabeth
Twenty Years Twenty Years
Junior's Interview Junior's Interview
The Drummer The Drummer
Sorry I'm Late Sorry to Be Late
Nice Tie Pretty Tie
The Accident The Accident
Late for the Movie The Film Is Starting
Is This a Date? This Is Not a Date
The Art Show The Exhibition
Whale Watching Look at the Whales
I Can Fix It! I Can Repair It!
Hannah's Party Hannah's Party
Eddy's Meeting Eddy's Meeting
I'm the Manager I'm the Boss
Is Your Wi-Fi Working? Is Your Wifi Working?
The Worst Season The Worst Season
Call a Doctor Call a Doctor!
Lin's Resume Lin's Resume
The Great Baking Show The Baking Contest
The Refund The Refund
Something New Something New
The Lost Costume Zari's Costume
The Cat Rule The Cat Law
Don't Feed the Seals Don't Feed the Seals
Yoga Class The Yoga Class
The Flu Shot Junior Gets Vaccinated
Where's My Jacket? Where's My Jacket?
Bad Monkey Thief!
The List The List
Monster under the Bed A Monster under the Bed
Cousins Cousins
Inhale, Exhale Inhale, Exhale
Front Row At the Front Row
Eddy's Night Out Eddy's Night Out
Checking In Checking In
Bad at Soccer Bad at Soccer
What's the Recipe? What's Your Recipe?
On the News On the News
Save the Animals! Save the Animals!
Junior's New Business Junior's New Company
Too Much Stuff Too Many Things
Secret Place Secret Hideout
Eddy's Tears Eddy's Tears
I'm Fine! I'm Fine!
Surprise Party Surprise Party
The Principal's Office The Principal's Office
Is She Mad at Me? Is She Mad at Me?
The Best Cookies The Best Cookies
Dating Apps Dating Apps
My Horse Hates Me My Horse Hates Me
The Videotape The Videotape
Remove This Statue Remove This Statue
Tiny Hat A Tiny Hat
The Mountain The Mountain
A Difficult Person A Difficult Person
Pirate Land Pirate Park
I Can Predict the Future I Can Predict the Future
Uncle Edward's House Uncle Édouard's House
Get Out! Get out of Here!
Late Fees Late Fees
Painting at Sunrise At Sunrise
A Relaxing Weekend A Relaxing Weekend
Nature Hike Hike in the Forest
My Money, My Rules My Money, My Decision
Eddy's Chores Eddy's Household Chores
A Real Prince A Real Prince
Adopt These Dogs Dogs to Love
Dog Walker for Hire Dog Walker Available
Junior's First Kiss Junior's First Kiss
Lin's Audition Lin Wants to Be on TV
Thanks for the Memories Thanks for this Unforgettable Evening
Eddy Gets an Offer Eddy Gets an Offer
Looking for a Babysitter Looking for a Babysitter
A Letter to Eddy Letter to Eddy
Eddy's Big Debut Eddy, Star for a Day
Ghost Hunting Log Ghost Hunting Report
Supernatural Cleaners Reviews Ghost Hunters
City Aquarium Newsletter City Aquarium Newsletter
Beach Clean Up Clean Beach Operation
JJ's Astronaut Adventures Space Adventure
Astronaut Camp Camp for Young Astronauts
Cake Delivery Cake to Deliver
Lin's Towing Service Lin's Towing Service
Oscar's Diary Entry, May 16th Oscar's Diary, May 16
A Romantic Date A Romantic Date
Spilled Sugar More Sugar
The Action Figure The Forgotten Action Figure
Junior's Dance Moves On the Dance Floor
Art Class Rules Art Class Rules
Oscar's Day Off Oscar Has a Day Off
Bea the Photographer Bea the Photographer
Zari's Crisis Zari Is in Low Spirits
Get Back Together Get Back Together
Junior the Teenager How to Pass for a Teen
Baby Bird Fly, Baby Bird
Lily the Interpreter Lily Acts as an Interpreter
Eddy's Cooking Tips Eddy's Cooking Tips
Pirate Post Pirate Post
Impressing Lily Anything for Lily
Eddy's Dating Profile Eddy's Dating Profile
Stolen Art He Stole My Style!
The Warranty Under Warranty
Locked In Get Me Out of Here!
Get Well Soon Get Well Soon
Surviving a Music Festival Festivals : A Survival Guide
What Did I Miss? What Did I Miss?
Movie Theater Memo Information for the Movie Theater Staff
Dear Lucy Lucie Listens to You
Talent Show Young Talent Competition
Buying Art on a Budget Art for Small Budgets
A True Expert A True Expert
Remember Me? Do You Remember Me?
Formal Attire Formal Attire
Oscar the Babysitter Oscar Is Babysitting
Museum of Doom' - A Review 'Panic at the Museum' - Player's Review
The Practice Date Fake Date
Selecting Movies for Babysitting Babysitter 2.0
Happy Camper Lin Is Enjoying Nature
The Roommate Agreement Roommate Contract
Save the Crabs Save the Crabs
Writing an Award-Winning Memoir How to Write a Bestseller
Local Park Renovations Park Renovations
Neighborhood Threat A Threat to the Neighborhood
Thanks for the Bike Thanks for the Bike
You Can't Rush Art One Shouldn’t Rush an Artist !
This Week's School Highlights The Weekly News
Junior's Birthday Party Junior's Birthday Party
Used Laptop for Sale Used Laptop for Sale
The Rival The Rival
The Vintage Jacket The Second-Hand Jacket
Karaoke Controversy Karaoke Controversy
Great Food, Bad Service Good Pastries, Bad Service
A Grown-up Birthday A Grown-up Birthday
Mastering Relaxation The Art of Relaxation
The Great Blackout A Historic Power Outage
The Lonely Frog My Frog Feels Lonely
Pretty Good Bakery Not Bad, This Bakery!
I'm Innocent I'm Innocent
Zari vs. Lily Zari Versus Lily
The Playwright The Playwright
The New Coach The New Coach
Vikram's Sick Day Vikram's Sick Leave
Super Qualified Highly Qualified
Lin's Letter of Recommendation Lin's Letter of Recommendation
The New Oven The New Oven
Oscar's Winter Gathering Invitation Oscar's Reception Invitation
The Time-Traveler Time Travel
The Art Competition The Art Competition
Lin Moves Out Lin Moves Out
Eddy's Parenting Book Eddy Reads a Parenting Book
The Art of Persuasion The Art of Persuasion
I Know the Landlord I Know the Landlord
What's That Smell? Guess the Smell!
Year in Review Retrospective of Last Year
Cousin Lou Cousin Lino
Art Camp Camp for Young Artists
Cat Sitting Lin the Cat Sitter
The Fancy Hotel The Luxury Hotel
Romantic Getaway A Romantic Weekend
The Rejection Business Lily Delivers Your Bad News!
The Coolest Bakery The Cool Bakery
Holiday Request Request for the Holidays
Updated Bakery Policies The Bakery’s New Rules
A Big Commitment A Big Commitment
The Matchmaker The Matchmaker
Lin's Chores Lin's Chores
The Rival Coach The Rival Coach
Nobody's Perfect Nobody’s Perfect
The Art Department The Art Director
Best of the City The Best of Our City
New Walking Tour! New Walking Tour!
Dear Concerned Parents Dear Concerned Parents
The Weekend Manager The Weekend Manager
The Eclipse The Eclipse
Lin's Guide to Free Food How to Eat for Free According to Lin
The Auction The Auction
Positive Thinking Positive Thinking
The Ski Trip The School Ski Trip
Lin the Lawyer Lin the Lawyer
Opera Frog A Frog at the Opera
The Secret Buyer The Secret Buyer
My Ex's Wedding My Ex's Wedding
Second Place Second Place

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