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Teaching Objective DebugName
Meet with friendsIntro
Talk about foodFood
Use gender agreementAdjectives
Form questionsFeelings
Say where you come fromFrom
Talk about petsPossession
Introduce yourselfCopula
Describe what you are wearingClothes
Use basic phrasesPhrases
Say what is happening nowActivities
Describe weatherWeather
Make small talkPhrases 2
Use number agreement1, 2, 3
Use conjunctionsRain etc.
Talk about likesFood 2
Describe your familyFamily
Talk about animalsAnimals
Count to tenNumbers 2
Use colorsColors
Discuss locationsAbout Me 2
Talk about your homeHome
Exchange informationPhrases 3
Describe appearanceBody
Ask how people areNames
Use the past tenseHobbies
Describe a tripTravel
Talk about peopleNames 2
Go to a restaurantRestaurant
Describe animalsPets 2
Express feelingsFeelings 2
Attend a partyParty
Use possessive adjectivesBody 2
Tell a storyStory
Talk about your familyFamily 2
Describe countriesCountries
Talk about sportsSport
Talk about your habitsDays
Use adjectives about weatherWeather 2
Comment on foodsFood 3
Tell timeTime
Talk about moving houseHome 2
Say what your job isWork
Form similesSayings
Discuss languagesLanguages
Describe life by the seaThe Sea
Use commandsHobbies 2
Talk about schoolSchool
Discuss the artsArts
Form comparative adjectivesCompare
Discuss occupationsWork 2
Go shoppingShop
Use plural adjectivesForest
Discuss foodFood 4
Comment on sportsSport 2
Form bigger numbersNumbers 3
Talk about maintenanceDòtaman
Get around townTowns
Discuss opinionsNews
Describe island lifeIslands
Introduce other peopleAbout Me 3
Comment on clothesFashion
Talk about workWork 3
Use the past perfectSenses
Talk about holidaysHolidays
Discuss technologyTech
Talk about cookingCooking
Express dates and timesMonths
Use personal numbersNumbers 4
Talk about milestonesMonths 2
Express emotionsEmotion
Discuss others' familiesFamily 3
Go on vacationTravel 2
Discuss the seasonsSeasons
Use interrogativesQuestions
Talk about your healthHealth
Attend a cèilidhCèilidh
Form superlative adjectivesMountain
Go to the beachBeach
Take a trip to the highlandsHighland
Talk about politicsPolitics
Ask where people are fromLowland
Discuss historyHistory
Talk about relationshipsFlirting
Describe past eventsHistory 2
Talk about a tripHighland 2
Discuss croft lifeCrofting
Use the dative caseDescribing
Talk about nova scotiaAlba Nuadh
Count thingsHome 3
Discuss beliefsSpiritual
Use prepositional possessivesAbout Us
Talk about europeEurope
Describe current careersWork 4
State factsRelative
Talk about the mòdMòd
Express your hopesHope
Discuss geographyWorld
Talk about your abilitiesI Can
Describe schoolworkHomework
Use object inversionI Need
Work in the gardenGarden
Discuss scienceScience
Talk about natureThe Wild
Form proverbsProverbs
Use the conditionalI Would
Talk about the pastMàiri
Use the genitiveGenitive
Say what used to happenI Would 2
Describe landscapesLandscape
Form genitive phrasesGenitive 2
Describe people in detailIain
Form genitive pluralsGenitive 3
Count family membersCounting
Form complex sentencesAs we saw
Talk about what might happenSport 3
Discuss governmentPolitics 2
Give explanationsExcuses
Express intentionsGoing to
Say what you will be doingGenitive 4
Discuss gaelic organizationsG World

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