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Teaching Objective DebugName
Learn the alphabetLetters 1
Learn the alphabetLetters 2
Learn the alphabetLetters 3
Greet peoplePhrases
Describe peopleBasics
Form basic sentencesThere is
Use adjectivesAdj. Intro
Talk about foodFood 1
Describe animalsAnimals
Form the pluralPlurals
Form the possessivePossess.1
Describe locationsAdj. 1
Use object pronounsDir. Obj.
Order at a restaurantFood 2
Discuss clothesClothing
Form verbs in the presentPresent 1
Discuss colorsColors
Express actions with objectsPrep. 1
Describe amountsNumbers 1
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about daily lifeDeterminer
Discuss workOccupation
Form complex sentencesConjunc.
Refer to locationsPrep 2.
Use the possessivePossess.2
Form advanced verbsPresent 2
Talk about timeTime
Describe people and thingsAdj. 2
Use adverbsAdverbs
Describe your familyFamily
Talk about your homeHome
Use compound nounsConst. 1
Form infinitivesInfinitv.1
Discuss the weatherWeather
Describe placesPlaces
Use Hif'il verbs in the presentPresent 3
Describe relationshipsPeople
Form bigger numbersNumbers 2
Expresss what could beModals
Talk about schoolEducation
Discuss travelTravel
Use verbs in the pastPast Act.
Make comparisonsComparison
Refer to objectsObjects
Use complex verbsPres.Reflx
Describe attributesAdj. 3
Form abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 1
Use commandsImper. 1
Talk about languagesLanguages
Describe emergenciesEmergency!
Use the future tenseFuture 1
Form passive phrasesPassive
Refer to yourselfRef. Pron.
Form passive sentencesNif'al
Describe natureNature
Express your opinionDecisions
Use commandsImper. 2
Use the past tensePas. Ac. 2
Form the past passivePas.Nif'al
Express your emotionsFeelings
Describe shapesGeometry
Discuss abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 2
Use the infinitiveInfinitv.2
Refer to the newsConst. 2
Say what could have beenCondit.
Describe body partsMedical
Use the future tenseFuture 2
Talk about religionReligion
Comment on artArts
Use negative commandsNeg. Imp.
Discuss technologyTechnology
Use verbal nounsVerbal N.
Discuss scientific issuesScience
Talk about musicMusic
Discuss sportSports
Argue about politicsPolitics
Make poetic descriptionsDiminutive
Tell fairy talesLegends
Form the future passiveFutur.Nif.
Use formal languageFormal
Talk businessBusiness
Describe outer spaceSpace
Talk about festivalsFestivals
Describe IsraelIsrael

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