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Hindi from English 36, 32 Different Lessons:

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Teaching Objective DebugName
Pair letters and soundsLetters 1
Pair letters and soundsLetters 2
Pair letters and soundsLetters 3
Pair letters and soundsLetters 4
Form basic sentencesBasics 1
Talk about foodBasics 2
Form the pluralPlurals
Introduce peopleIntro
Describe your familyFamily
Talk about animalsAnimals
Use the present tenseActivity
Describe peopleAdjectives
Talk about foodFood
Use numbersNumbers
Form questionsQuestions
Talk about your homeHome
Tell others what to doImperative
Talk about healthHealth
Describe placesPlaces
Tell timeTime
Describe what people doWork
Make comparisonsComparison
Use the future tenseFuture
Talk about daysDay/Month
Discuss weatherWeather
Describe relationshipsFamily 2
Discuss foodFood 2
Talk about the pastPast
Discuss natureNature
Describe peopleConvo.
Use modalsModals
Describe past eventsPast 2

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