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Haitian Creole from English 44, 68 Different Lessons:

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Teaching Objective DebugName
Discuss breakfastBreakfast
Use "a" after non-nasal vowelsProduce
Interact with street vendorsMerchant
Ask questionsQuestions
Greet peopleHi & Bye
Use "an" after nasal vowelsPleasure
Discuss extended familyFamily
Prepare to travelAirport
Detail current actionsLunch
Identify countriesCountries
Share occupationsJobs
Talk about hobbiesHobbies
Use "lan" & "nan" after nasal consonantsCompound
Use "la" after oral consonantsVocab
Talk about animalsAnimals
Talk about foodSip & Eat
Use colors with clothesClothing
Talk about the presentVerbs 1
Describe actionsActivity 1
Compare sizesSizes 1
Talk about the pastThe Past 1
Refer to the bodyThe Body 1
Describe what happenedThe Past 2
Describe your houseAt Home 1
Talk about past problemsPast Pain
Describe the bodyThe Body 2
Talk about the presentVerbs 2
Talk about one's attributesPeople 1
Express what day it isDays
Describe household itemsAt Home 2
Order foodDine Out 1
Express what month it isMonths
Use adverbsAdverbs 1
Use numbersNumbers 1
Use number variationsTime
Talk about the futureVerbs 3
Order food at a restaurantDine Out 2
Use adjectivesTraits 1
Say what's thereActivity 2
Be descriptiveTraits 2
Describe daily routinesRoutines 1
Specify thingsThis+That
Share one's preferencesPeople 2
Talk about capital citiesAdverbs 2
Practice using adverbsAdverbs 3
Talk about the selfWhose Self
Explore urban lifeCities
Discuss shoppingShopping 1
Use gendered nounsPeople 4
Travel togetherActivity 3
Share one's ageNumbers 2
Go shoppingShopping 2
Detail what happenedThe Past 3
Specify measurementsSizes 2
Form business plansBusiness 1
Review verbsActivity 4
Honor one's ethnicityThe Past 4
Describe people and thingsTraits 3
Use indefinite pronounsAll of Us
Express the pastThe Past 5
Discuss healthly livingHealth 1
Describe the weatherWeather
Practice using verbsVerbs 4
Express contentmentHappiness
Discuss schoolSchool 1
Express disappointmentSadness
Practice using adjectivesTraits 4
Experience the artsArts 1

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