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Teaching Objective DebugName
Name things and peopleBasics
Talk about nationalities and languagesIntros
Describe people and thingsQualities
Greet peoplePhrases
Say where people and things areWhere?
Communicate at schoolSchool
Use verbs in present tenseVerbs 1
Talk about food and drinkCafé
Express feelingsFeelings
Identify professionsJobs
Talk about cooking and eatingFood
Form the plural of nounsMore
Express quantitiesNumbers 1
Say what we and they doVerbs 2
Locate places in a cityPlaces 1
Use the verbs come and goCome & Go
Tell timeTime
Use different forms of this and thatThis That
Talk about schedulesDays
Shop for clothesShopping
Talk about hobbies and habitsHobbies
Indicate the locationOn Top
Describe things and peopleDescribing
Use van and nincsThere Is
Talk about the weatherWeather
Form the possessiveMy Cat
Name nationalitiesNations
Form direct objectsWhat?
Describe health issuesBody Parts
Express quantityNumbers 2
Use definite verb formsI See It
Talk about your familyFamily
Discuss everyday activitiesI Do It
Refer to you and meMe & You
Say what people are doingVerbs 3
Express emotionsLove
Say what languages you speakLanguages
Use direct objects in plural formStuff
Talk about activitiesYou Do It
Ask about directionsTravel
Order foodCafeteria
Talk about what you haveTo Have 1
Express actionsStuff 2
Talk about giving someone somethingGiving
Describe things and peopleNew Things
Talk about art activitiesArts
Comment on sportsSports
Talk about being insideInside
Say what and who is beside something elseBeside
Describe outfitsClothing
Talk about your homeHousehold
Discuss possessionOwnership
Compare things and peopleBetter
Express dates and timesYear
Talk about technologyDigital
Use different forms of this and thatThisThat 2
Talk about celebrationsParty
Describe past eventsMemories
Talk about animalsAnimals
Say who you do things withWith
Talk about colorsColors
Use ordinal numbersFirst!
Make negative statementsNo!
Say what others haveTo Have 2
Distinguish past and presentNow & Then
Describe movement intoInto
Discuss directionOnto
Describe movement towardToward
Clarify directionsMoving
Use verbal prefixes in negative sentencesMoving 2
Indicate movement into placesInto 2
Describe directionOnto 2
Describe movement toward a placeToward 2
State geography factsGeography
Make statements about the pastMemories 2
Form complex sentencesLinking
Discuss choicesThisThat 3
Talk about experiences and changesStory 1
Describe things and peopleDescribe 2
Use verbal prefixesMoving 3
Talk about travelTravel 2
Say what happenedStory 2
Discuss originsOut of
Indicate the starting pointDown from
Describe distancesAway from
Combine postpositions with this and thatThisThat 4
Discuss future plansFuture
Talk about neighbors and friendsNames
Clarify locationsTo & From
Talk about cooking and eatingCooking
Discover a cityPlaces 2
Ask about directionsDirections
Talk about the pastNow&Then 2
Use relative pronounsWhich?
Talk about belongingsMy Horse
Make calculationsMath
Use everybody and somebodySomeone
Use everywhere and somewhereSomewhere
Describe what people haveTo have 3
Use different forms of this and thatThisThat 5
Combine suffixesRain On Me
Indicate the starting pointOrigin
Talk about positionPosition
Use postpositionsGoal
Form plural possessivesMy Cats
Tell others what to doDo It!
Talk about how manyNumbers 3
Use verb conjugationsPractice
Express opinionsQuoting
Combine suffixesAll Mine

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