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High Valyrian from English 49, 43 Different Lessons:

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Teaching Objective DebugName
Form basic sentencesBasics 1
Use basic phrasesPhrases 1
Form sentencesBasics 2
Describe what's around youDem. 1
Learn lunar wordsLunar
Learn solar wordsSolar
Learn aquatic wordsAquatic
Learn terrestrial wordsTerres.
Talk about possessionsGenitive
Say who has whatPoss. Adj.
Describe relationshipsFamily
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about animalsAnimals
Use the present tensePresent
Describe sizesSizes
Talk about foodFood
Identify recipientsDative
Express negativesNegation
Refer to people and thingsPronouns
Express locationsLocative
Use common phrasesPhrases 2
Describe colorsColors
Tell others what to doCommands
Describe past eventsPerfect
Talk about toolsInstr.
Describe companionsComitative
Refer to body partsBody
Use adverbsAdverbs
Use numbersNumerals 1
Say what will happenFuture
Express wants and needsInfinitive
Express quantitiesDem. 2
Discuss the world of ice and fireThe World
Say what happens to youPassive
Talk about natureNature
Discuss clothingClothing
Talk about emotionsEmotions
Form complex verbsValence
Make excusesExcuses
Talk about cookingCuisine
Command dragonsDragons
Talk about yourselfEsteem
Discuss common buildingsConstruct

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