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Teaching Objective DebugName
Use basic phrasesIntro
Form basic grammarDeterminer
Greet peopleGreetings
Use polite expressionsPolite Exp
Introduce peoplePeople
Talk about your family ʻOhana
Describe the weatherWeather
Locate things at homeHousehold
Express preferencesLikes
Discuss food and drinkFood 1
Use numbersNumbers 1
Express datesDates
Discuss eventsTime
Talk about foodFood 2
Give basic directionsDirections
Discuss hobbiesLeisure
Make purchasesPurchases
Order food and drinkOrder Food
Discuss habitsHabits
Describe relationshipsDeterm. 2
Use o and aO and A
Talk about home lifeHome Life
Describe your family ʻOhana 2
Socialize and have funSocial
Use bigger numbersNumbers 2
Discuss schoolSchool 1
Talk about family ʻOhana 3
Discuss spelling and mathSchool 2
Talk about sportsSports
Discuss musicMusic
Talk about exerciseExercise
Make purchasesPurchase 2
Give directionsDirect. 2
Express likesLikes 2
Share health practicesHealth 1
Talk about self-careHealth 2
Discuss bodily hygieneBody Care
Describe peoplePeople 2
Talk about placesPlaces
Give directionsLocation
Make online purchasesPurchase 3
Schedule meetingsMeetings
Offer and request helpRequests
Use academic wordsSchool 3
Talk about gardeningGardening
Express when events occurDates 2
Describe traits of peoplePeople 3
Discuss workWork
Plan for the futureFuture
Describe emotionsEmotions
Use exercise wordsExercise 2
Talk about surfingSurfing

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