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Italian from English 140 Units (CEFR A1) 204 Different Lessons:

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Teaching Objective DebugName
Order in a cafeCafe
Introduce yourselfBasics
Talk about familyFamily
Navigate a cityCity
Good Morning!Good Morning
The DateA Date
One ThingOne Thing
Use adjectivesPeople
A Very Big FamilyBig Family
The Red JacketThe Red Jacket
The PassportThe Passport
Order in a restaurantRestaurant
The HoneymoonThe Honeymoon
Doctor EddyDoctor Eddy
A new coatA New Jacket
Buy things in a storeStore
The new studentThe New Student
Junior Needs SomethingJunior's Question
To the StationTo the Station!
Use regular verbsSmall Talk
The VegetarianThe Vegetarian
More SpaceMore Space
Vacation ClothesVacation Clothes
Say what you likePlans
The ReservationThe Reservation
The DogI Want a Dog
Do You Need Help?What Do You Want?
Ask for helpI'm Lost!
A Coffee, Please!Coffee, Please!
Lily’s ClothesLily's Clothes
At the SupermarketAt the Supermarket
Shop for clothesClothes
I Have to Buy a Video GameCan I Have It?
Use possessivesRoommates
Where's Your Girlfriend?Find My Girlfriend
Talk about jobsNew Friend
Use the pluralNeighbors
The Basketball PlayerThe Basketball Player
A Ticket to LondonTwo Tickets Please!
Talk about travelSwissTrip
Talk about belongingsGifts
Thank You?Thanks?
The Dance LessonThe Dance Class
Shop onlineShopping
Make excusesExcuses
Where's Maria?You're Not Mary
Lucy's Famous RecipeLucy's Famous Recipe
Use the present tenseVisiting
Talk about holidaysHolidays
Junior Works OutJunior's Exercise
The GardenThe Garden
Use regular verbsMilan
Describe a scary hotelMystery
The Perfect PersonThe Perfect Person
Can I Help You?Need Help?
Talk about weatherWeather
Speak formallyNew Job
Junior’s ChoiceJunior's Choice
I Want a DogI Really Want a Dog
Talk about a weddingWedding
Discuss college lifeUniversity
The ModelThe Model
The PortraitBad Painting
Order at a pizzeriaPizzeria
Discuss paperworkMoving In
Take My PhotoTake My Photo
A New SportA New Sport
Talk about datingGossip
Discuss artArts
Lucy and the DinosaursLucy and the Dinosaurs
Where Are My Keys?Where Are My Keys?
A Very Dirty ApartmentDirty Apartment
Use plural verbsCustoms
Plan a tripEuro Trip
The MonkeysThe Monkeys
It’s Not ArtGood Art
Organize an eventFundraiser
Follow a recipeCooking
The Waiter Is RightThe Waiter Is Right
I’m SickI Feel Sick
I Want a PizzaI Want a Pizza
Shop for souvenirsSouvenirs
Give directionsDirections
The DiaryThe Diary
Oscar’s FlowersOscar's Flowers
Talk about relativesHeritage
Always LateAlways Late
The Day OffDay Off
Talk about your habitsRoutine
Talk about morning routinesBabysitter
Order at an ice cream parlorGelateria
Shop at a mallMall
Junior’s BirthdayBirthday Plan
Talk about household choresChores
Describe people and petsDetective
What's Your Name?What's Your Name?
Attend a high school reunionReunion
Talk about classesClass
Visit a zooZoo
Discuss office lifeOffice
An Interesting ConversationAn Interesting Conversation
Use object pronounsAdmirer
Talk about going on a dateDates
It’s Not For KidsNot for Kids
Describe a concertConcert
Talk about a business tripTraveling
Compare people and thingsSiblings
Talk about a past tripCapri
Too DangerousToo Dangerous
Use the passato prossimoBragging
Tell spooky storiesGhost
Lily Draws in the ParkDrawing in the Park
Talk about your favorite singersFan Club
Discuss learning a new skillResolution
Discuss going on datesCrush
Use the future of andarePlus One
The Art HomeworkThe Art Homework
Discuss hand-me-downsGiveaway
Discuss medical issuesDoctor
PizzaPizza Night
Use the present progressiveInvitation
Use basic phrasesBasics 1
Describe basic actionsBasics 2
Talk about foodFood
An Important GameThe Big Game
Form the pluralsPlurals
Talk about animalsAnimals
BreakfastMaking Breakfast
Talk about food and drinkFood 2
Describe possessionsPossession
Discuss clothingClothing
Talk about the presentPresent 1
My First PaintingLook at My Painting
Describe colorsColors
Talk about placesPrep.
In The TaxiTaxi Ride
Form complex sentencesConjunct.
Express dates and timesTime
Describe your familyFamily 2
Talk about occupationsOccupation
It’s An EmergencyAn Emergency
Describe your homeHousehold
Describe people and thingsAdject. 1
The Love LetterLove Letter
Talk about habitsPresent 2
Use adverbsAdverbs
Vikram’s PlantsVikram's Plants
Describe placesPlaces
Identify common objectsObjects
Describe peoplePeople 2
Use pronounsClitics-1
The CakeThe Cake
Use numbersNumbers
Describe what's around youDetermin.
The PromotionThe Promotion
Talk about the presentPresent 3
Use the present perfectPres. Per.
Describe peopleAdject. 2
Use the infinitiveInfinit. 1
The Ex-GirlfriendThe Ex-Girlfriend
Use pronoumsPronouns
Tell others what to doImperative
The SongThe Song
Discuss student lifeEducation
Talk about travelTravel 2
Send an EmailSend an Email
Give directionsDirections 1
Describe your childhoodPast Imp.
Express feelingsFeelings
Discuss abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 1
A Very Good ProfessorA Great Teacher
Talk about sportsSports
Talk about the distant pastPast Per.
A Problem With The CarCar Problem
Describe thingsAdject. 3
Use adverbsAdverbs 2
Discuss abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 2
Use the infinitiveInfinit. 2
I Hate to FishThe Fishing Trip
Talk about your healthMedical
Talk about the futureFuture
Ulisse’s FuneralFish Funeral
Use gerundsGerund
Discuss artArts 1
Free PizzaFree Pizza
Talk about the futureFut. Per.
Discuss abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 3
Use the subjunctiveSubj. Pres
Discuss scienceScience
A Strange EndingSurprise Ending
Use the conditionalV. Cond.
Use conditionalsCond. Per.
My Favorite BandMy Favorite Band
Discuss communicationCommunic.
Talk about natureNature
Use the past subjunctiveSubj. Per.
Discuss businessBusiness
That Seat is for YouThe Last Seat
Use the past subjunctiveSubj. Imp.
Talk about the pastPast
Recycling is ImportantRecycling Is Important
Discuss spiritualitySpiritual
Talk about politicsPolitics
Why Did She Leave Me?Eddy's Breakup

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