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DebugName StoryName
Good Morning Good Morning!
A Date The Date
One Thing One Thing
Big Family A Very Big Family
The Red Jacket The Red Jacket
The Passport The Passport
Honeymoon The Honeymoon
Doctor Eddy Doctor Eddy
A New Coat A New Jacket
The New Student The New Student
Junior's Question Junior Needs Something
To the Station! To the Station
The Vegetarian The Vegetarian
More Space More Space
Vacation Clothes Vacation Clothes
The Reservation The Reservation
I Want a Dog The Dog
What Do You Want? Do You Need Help?
Coffee, Please! A Coffee, Please!
Lily's Clothes Lily’s Clothes
At the Supermarket At the Supermarket
The Perfect Girlfriend The Perfect Girlfriend
Ticket to Spain Trip to London
Math Help The English Test
Can I Have It? I Have to Buy a Video Game
Find My Girlfriend Where's Your Girlfriend?
The Basketball Player The Basketball Player
Two Tickets Please! A Ticket to London
Thanks? Thank You?
The Dance Class The Dance Lesson
You're Not Mary Where's Maria?
Lucy's Famous Recipe Lucy's Famous Recipe
Junior's Exercise Junior Works Out
The Garden The Garden
The Perfect Person The Perfect Person
Need Help? Can I Help You?
Junior's Choice Junior’s Choice
I Really Want a Dog I Want a Dog
The Model The Model
Bad Painting The Portrait
Take My Photo Take My Photo
A New Sport A New Sport
Lucy and the Dinosaurs Lucy and the Dinosaurs
Where Are My Keys? Where Are My Keys?
Dirty Apartment A Very Dirty Apartment
The Monkeys The Monkeys
Good Art It’s Not Art
The Waiter Is Right The Waiter Is Right
I Feel Sick I’m Sick
I Want a Pizza I Want a Pizza
The Diary The Diary
Oscar's Flowers Oscar’s Flowers
Always Late Always Late
Day Off The Day Off
Birthday Plan Junior’s Birthday
What's Your Name? What's Your Name?
An Interesting Conversation An Interesting Conversation
Not for Kids It’s Not For Kids
Too Dangerous Too Dangerous
Drawing in the Park Lily Draws in the Park
The Art Homework The Art Homework
Pizza Night Pizza
The Big Game An Important Game
Making Breakfast Breakfast
Look at My Painting My First Painting
Taxi Ride In The Taxi
An Emergency It’s An Emergency
Love Letter The Love Letter
Vikram's Plants Vikram’s Plants
The Cake The Cake
The Promotion The Promotion
The Ex-Girlfriend The Ex-Girlfriend
The Song The Song
Send an Email Send an Email
A Great Teacher A Very Good Professor
Car Problem A Problem With The Car
The Fishing Trip I Hate to Fish
Fish Funeral Ulisse’s Funeral
Free Pizza Free Pizza
Surprise Ending A Strange Ending
My Favorite Band My Favorite Band
The Last Seat That Seat is for You
Recycling Is Important Recycling is Important
Eddy's Breakup Why Did She Leave Me?

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