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DebugName StoryName
The Passport The Passport
Doctor Eddy Doctor Eddy
A New Coat A New Coat
The New Student The New Student
Junior's Question Junior's Question
To the Station! To the Station!
The Vegetarian The Vegetarian
Vacation Clothes Vacation Clothes
The Reservation The Reservation
What Do You Want? What Do You Want?
Can I Have It? Can I Have It?
Find My Girlfriend Find My Girlfriend
The Basketball Player The Basketball Player
Two Tickets Please! Two Tickets Please!
Thanks? Thanks?
The Dance Class The Dance Class
You're Not Mary You're Not Mary
Family Dinner Family Dinner
Junior's Exercise Junior's Exercise
The Garden The Garden
The Perfect Person The Perfect Person
Need Help? Need Help?
Junior's Choice Junior's Choice
I Really Want a Dog I Really Want a Dog
The Model The Model
Bad Painting Bad Painting
Take My Photo Take My Photo
A New Sport A New Sport
Lucy and the Dinosaurs Lucy and the Dinosaurs
Where Are My Keys? Where Are My Keys?

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