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Teaching Objective DebugName
Order foodBasics
Hiragana gate 1Hiragana-v1-1 alphabet gate
Describe peoplePeople
Introduce yourselfGreetings
Hiragana gate 2Hiragana-v1-2 alphabet gate
Order food and drinkCafe
Talk about countriesCountries
Hiragana gate 3Hiragana-v1-3 alphabet gate
Ask for directionsDirections
Describe belongingsBelongings
Hiragana gate 4Hiragana-v1-4 alphabet gate
Talk about neighborsNeighbors
Tell timeTime
一, 二, 三Alphabet Level 01 (kanji)
Hiragana gate 5Hiragana-v1-5 alphabet gate
Get help when travelingTravel
山, 口, 田, 中Alphabet Level 02 (kanji)
Get to know peopleWelcome
私, 東, 京, 日, 都, 本Alphabet Level 03 (kanji)
Katakana gate 1Katakana-v1-1 alphabet gate
Describe your familyMy Family
父, 母, 四, 五, 六, 七Alphabet Level 04 (kanji)
Talk about hobbiesHobbies
見, 読Alphabet Level 05 (kanji)
Katakana gate 2Katakana-v1-2 alphabet gate
Describe eating habitsMealtime
時, 十, 八, 半, 九Alphabet Level 06 (kanji)
Shop for clothesClothes
古, 新, 百, 千Alphabet Level 07 (kanji)
Katakana gate 3Katakana-v1-3 alphabet gate
Order food and drinkRestaurant
水, 大, 小Alphabet Level 08 (kanji)
Use present tense verbsWeekend
買, 土, 曜, 話Alphabet Level 09 (kanji)
Get around a stationStation
Describe your routineRoutines
聞, 食, 飲Alphabet Level 10 (kanji)
Talk about interestsNew Friend
Alphabet Level 11 (kanji)
Describe your homeNew Home
Take public transitTransport
行, 来, 分, 間Alphabet Level 12 (kanji)
Use na-adjectivesSights
何, 高Alphabet Level 13 (kanji)
Get emergency helpEmergency
Alphabet Level 14 (kanji)
Talk about weatherWeather
Alphabet Level 15 (kanji)
Describe your familyFamily 2
Discuss choresChores
Alphabet Level 16 (kanji)
Say what you want to doTravel 2
Discuss a family visitVisiting
会, 金Alphabet Level 17 (kanji)
Order pastriesPastries
Use negative verbsCooking
木, 卵, 魚Alphabet Level 18 (kanji)
Discuss classesSchool
Alphabet Level 19 (kanji)
Talk about jobsOccupation
Get around a theme parkTheme Park
Discuss mediaBookstore
Communicate at workOffice
Alphabet Level 20 (kanji)
Talk about hobbiesHobbies 2
書, 作Alphabet Level 21 (kanji)
Discuss seasonal eventsEvents
Talk about date plansDate Plans
Alphabet Level 22 (kanji)
Take public transportStation 2
Discuss college lifeUniversity
年, 生, 駅Alphabet Level 23 (kanji)
Count animalsAnimalCafe
Discuss outdoor activitiesOutdoors
雨, 川Alphabet Level 24 (kanji)
Eat in a restaurantFood
Communicate at a hotelHotel
Use past tense verbsPast Trip
先, 週, 明Alphabet Level 25 (kanji)
Make transit plansBirthday
家, 円Alphabet Level 26 (kanji)
Shop for electronicsComputers
前, 今, 安, 万Alphabet Level 27 (kanji)
Express what you want to do at a concertConcert
夜, 外Alphabet Level 28 (kanji)
Talk about a college townCollege
Alphabet Level 29 (kanji)
Shop for clothesClothes 2
左, 右Alphabet Level 30 (kanji)
Use negative adjectivesSeasons
Alphabet Level 31 (kanji)
Make plans for a partyBirthday 2
車, 帰Alphabet Level 32 (kanji)
Describe what you don't want to doSlow Day
Alphabet Level 33 (kanji)
Arrange to meet upMeet Up
Use the past tenseCruise
Alphabet Level 34 (kanji)
Make plans to go to a festivalSakura
Alphabet Level 35 (kanji)
Describe what you see in the zooZoo
Alphabet Level 36 (kanji)
Use past tense negative verbsSick Day
末, 上Alphabet Level 37 (kanji)
Discuss work issuesWorkPlace
Alphabet Level 38 (kanji)
Talk about gifts you gave or receivedGifts
Alphabet Level 39 (kanji)
Share travel experiencesRyokan
Alphabet Level 40 (kanji)
Buy clothesClothes3
Alphabet Level 41 (kanji)
Describe a day at collegeCollege 2
北, 好Alphabet Level 42 (kanji)
Cook with someoneCooking 2
Alphabet Level 43 (kanji)
Use past tense adjectivesNew Home 2
昼, 肉Alphabet Level 44 (kanji)
Describe health issuesClinic
Alphabet Level 45 (kanji)
Complain about a hotelHotel 2
痛, 目Alphabet Level 46 (kanji)
Talk about your childhoodGrowing Up
西Alphabet Level 47 (kanji)
Use past tense negative adjectivesBad Date
Alphabet Level 48 (kanji)
Describe health habitsDoctor
回, 晩Alphabet Level 49 (kanji)
Suggest things to do at the beachSummer
海, 近Alphabet Level 50 (kanji)
Discuss what to eatRestaur. 2
Alphabet Level 51 (kanji)
Describe a weddingWedding
花, 色, 酒Alphabet Level 52 (kanji)
Make plans to go outInvitation
Alphabet Level 53 (kanji)
Connect two adjectivesRestaur.3
気, 場, 所, 少Alphabet Level 54 (kanji)
Talk about classes at universityUniv.2
Alphabet Level 55 (kanji)
Describe a recent dateGood Date
楽, 名Alphabet Level 56 (kanji)
Buy stationeryStationery
店, 計, 使Alphabet Level 57 (kanji)
Communicate at a storeConbini
Discuss a mealIn Town
Talk about your dayRoutines 2
Describe your homeHome 1
Talk about yourselfIntro 3
Talk about your familyFamily 3
Ask about foodRestaur. 1
The passportThe Passport
Talk about your scheduleActivity 1
Say where things arePosition
Make requestsActivity 2
Talk about hobbiesHobby 1
Doctor eddyDoctor Eddy
Describe extended familyFamily 4
Take public transitTransit 1
Talk about clothesClothes 1
Describe your hobbiesHobby 2
Discuss weatherWeather 1
Talk about food and drinkFood 2
A new coatA New Coat
Get directionsDirect. 2
Discuss food you likeFood 3
Express days and timesDates
Shop for common itemsShopping 1
Discuss relationshipsPeople 2
The new studentThe New Student
Talk about weatherWeather 2
Discuss belongingsClothes 4
Describe natureNature 1
Talk about schoolClassroom
Shop at a convenience storeKonbini
Junior's questionJunior's Question
Talk about classClass. 2
Express how you feelFeelings 1
Get around a buildingDirect. 4
Describe belongingsObject
Shop for groceriesShopping 2
To the station!To the Station!
Describe clothesClothes 3
Discuss interestsHobby 3
Talk about classClass. 3
Discuss healthHealth 1
Talk about travelVacation
The vegetarianThe Vegetarian
Use the past tenseMemories 1
Talk about mailPost Off.
Talk about gamesGames
Describe a cityThe City
Talk about sportsOlympics
Vacation clothesVacation Clothes
Say what you can doAbility 1
Ask for and offer helpFavors
Talk about moneyMoney 1
Describe the outdoorsNature 2
Express what you can doAbility 2
The reservationThe Reservation
Talk about restaurant foodRestaur. 2
Discuss natureNature 3
Describe common objectsCondition
Express possibilitiesPossib.
What do you want?What Do You Want?
Discuss cookingCooking 1
Talk about common itemsScience 1
Discuss possibilitiesResources
Can i have it?Can I Have It?
Take public transitTransit 2
Talk about educationEducation
Find my girlfriendFind My Girlfriend
Discuss workWork 1
Use numbersNumbers 2
The basketball playerThe Basketball Player
Discuss the outdoorsNature 4
Suggest activitiesDesires 1
Express opinionsIdeas 1
Two tickets please!Two Tickets Please!
Get around an airportAirport
Talk about schoolEducat. 2
Discuss religionReligion 1
Talk about opinionsIdeas 2
Describe health issuesHealth 2
The dance classThe Dance Class
Identify seafoodSeafood
Discuss societySociety
Talk about your dayWork 2
You're not maryYou're Not Mary
Express feelingsFeelings 2
Discuss politicsPolitics 1
Talk about creative artsThe Arts 1
Family dinnerFamily Dinner
Use the passive formMemories 2
Talk about geographyGeogr. 1
Junior's exerciseJunior's Exercise
Discuss the lawLaw 1
Talk about weatherWeather 3
Make plansPlans 1
The gardenThe Garden
Talk about cookingCooking 3
Discuss conflictConflict 1
Talk about disastersEmergen. 2
The perfect personThe Perfect Person
Discuss lawsLaw 2
Talk about your homeHome 3
Need help?Need Help?
Use commandsObligat. 2
Schedule plansPlans 2
Use polite languageHonorif. 1
Junior's choiceJunior's Choice
Talk about a work dayWork 3
Discuss geographyGeogr. 2
Talk about moneyMoney 2
I really want a dogI Really Want a Dog
Discuss politicsPolitics 2
Describe health issuesHealth 3
The modelThe Model
Check in to a hotelHotel 3
Talk about the newsNews 1
Discuss conflictConflict 2
Bad paintingBad Painting
Talk about transportationTransit 4
Talk about exerciseThe Gym
Discuss fairy talesFantasy 1
Take my photoTake My Photo
Talk about technologyTech 1
Express ideasIdeas 3
A new sportA New Sport
Talk about celebrationsEvents 1
Describe a hospital visitThe Clinic
Discuss cookingCooking 4
Lucy and the dinosaursLucy and the Dinosaurs
Ride a train or busThe Train
Discuss businessMoney 3
Where are my keys?Where Are My Keys?
Describe people's jobsWork 4
Talk about choresHome 4
Discuss the newsNews 2
Express your feelingsFeelings 3
Use commandsAuthority
Describe the outdoorsNature 5
Talk about animalsAnimals
Discuss spaceSpace
Use casual languageCasual 1
Discuss religionReligion 2
Express desiresDesires 2
Talk to a hair stylistHair Salon
Talk to a dentistDentist
Describe home appliancesTech 2
Follow a cooking recipeCooking 4 5
Talk about workWork 5
Discuss relationshipsPeople 3
Talk about schoolEducat. 3
Discuss medical treatmentClinic 2
Talk about scienceScience 2
Discuss creative artsThe Arts 2
Express thoughtsIdeas 4
Talk about historyHistory
Discuss food and drinkRestaur. 3
Talk about natureNature 6
Discuss fictionFantasy 2
Use casual languageCasual 2
Discuss life on a farmThe Farm
Use polite languageHonorif. 3
Talk about languagesLanguage
Say how you feelFeelings 4
Discuss scienceScience 3
Talk about businessMoney 4
Share opinionsIdeas 5
Discuss natureNature 7
Talk about the newsLaw 3
Talk about seasonsSeasons
Express feelingsFeelings 5

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