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Teaching Objective DebugName
Express an actionBoot Camp
Tell a storyBravery
Describe a questQuest
Talk about a partyCelebrate
Interrogate someonePrisoner
Say when an event wasHome
Make basic sentencesBasic
Ask and answer questionsDialogue
Make sentencesSent. 1
Use prefixesPrefixes
Say what something isVocab. 1
Describe what you senseVocab. 2
Use pronounsPronouns
Discuss locationsLocations
Indicate timingAspect
Give commandsImperative
Show dispositionVolition
Describe hypotheticalsIf-Then
Talk about animalsAnimals
Identify peoplePeople
Discuss body partsBody Parts
Describe objectsAdjectives
Evaluate situationsAdv
Report informationVocab. 3
Use numbersCounting 1
Talk about familyFamily 1
Discuss food and drinkFood/Drink
Talk about clothingClothing
Discuss changesChange
Ask questionsQuestions
Indicate recipientsto/for
Identify a causeCause
Give an explanationCause 2
Discuss space bodiesSpace
Make comparisonsSimiles
Tell timeTell time
Say when an event wasTime ago
Discuss time relationsSuffixes
Describe purposesPurpose
Use unknown subjectsIndefSubj
Say what you knowSentObj
Discuss scienceParticles
Talk about physicsScience
Discuss the weatherWeather
Show confidenceVerbQual
Express certaintyNounQual
Talk about sizeLengths
Say what someone doesAgents
Use diminutivesGrandeur
Talk about musicMusic
Describe planetsPlanets
Do mathArith 1
Use relative clausesRelClaus
Say where something isLoc nouns
Describe buildingsArchi
Talk about loveLove
Describe home lifeHome Life
Discuss healthHealth1
Discuss magicMagic
Talk about schoolsSchool
Discuss melee weaponsMelWeap
Turn verbs into nounsNominalize
Talk about artCulture
Discuss earth topicsEarth

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