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Teaching Objective DebugName
Learn Korean vowelsAlphabet 1
Learn Korean consonantsAlphabet 2
Learn more consonantsAlphabet 3
Learn basic phrasesBelongings
Name common objectsBorrowings
Talk about objectsAnd
Greet peopleGreetings
Learn basic sentencesBasics
Introduce yourselfIntro
Say where you're goingMotion
Say where people areSit/Stand
Talk about foodFood
Describe your friendsDescribing
Learn basic verbsActions
Give directionsThis/That
Make suggestionsLanguage
Talk about animalsAnimals 1
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about dreamsSplit Verb
Describe animalsAnimals 2
Offer someone giftsGiving
Speak politelyPolite
Talk about breakfastMeals
Talk about petsPets
Describe colorsColors
Express feelingsEmotions
Say where things arePositions
Communicate politelyPolite 2
Use numbersNumbers 1
Describe foodsModifiers
Make polite requestsCommands
Describe your routineDaily Life
Introduce your familyFamily
Talk about colorsColors 2
Describe your outfitClothing
Use the past tensePast Tense
Use the continuous tenseContinuous
Talk about seasonsSeasons
Form compound verbsCompounds
Use numbersNumbers 2
Express necessityHave To
Form gerundsGerund
Tell timeTime
Shop for clothesClothes 2
Add details to a storyModifier 2
Use the future tenseFuture
Order food and drinkRestaurant
Use adverbsAdverbs
Speak informallyCasual
Establish a topicAbout
Talk about hobbiesHobbies
Say what you can doKnow How
Learn parts of the bodyBody
Use common phrasesPhrases
Get around a cityCity
Communicate in writingWritten
Learn days of the weekWeek
Discuss recipesCooking
Talk about timeCalendar
Describe your homeHome
Talk about workJobs
Talk about soccerSports
Go shopping in a mallShopping
Share opinionsAdjectives
Good MorningGood Morning
Talk about your gardenYard
Ask about birthdaysAge
Describe the weatherWeather
A Blind DateA Date
Talk about schoolSchool
Talk about your healthMedicine
Big FamilyBig Family
Report what you heardQuote 1
Discuss ways to travelTransit
Share recipesCooking 2
The PassportThe Passport
Give directionsDirections
Talk about hygieneBathroom
Use the passivePassive 1
Retell what you heardQuote 2
Report what was saidQuote 3
Doctor EddyDoctor Eddy
Ask for helpEmergency
Make travel plansTrains
Form reported speechQuote 4
A New CoatA New Coat
Use the passivePassive 2
Use indefinite pronounsPronoun
Talk about weddingsMarriage
The VegetarianThe Vegetarian
Talk about parenthoodChildren
Get around an airportTravel
Vacation ClothesVacation Clothes
Talk about relativesFamily 2
Discuss campingForest
Coffee, Please!Coffee, Please!
Identify continentsWorld Map
Talk about K-popMusic
Can I Buy This?Can I Have It?
Find My GirlfriendFind My Girlfriend
Apply for a visaBorders
The Basketball PlayerThe Basketball Player
Discuss the OlympicsOlympics
Two Tickets Please!Two Tickets Please!
Talk about sportsSports 2
Talk about disastersNature
The Dance ClassThe Dance Class
You’re Not MaryYou're Not Mary
Describe behaviorsBoom! Pow!
Lucy's Famous RecipeLucy's Famous Recipe
Tell where you liveAddress
Junior's ExerciseJunior's Exercise
Express feelingsFeelings
The GardenThe Garden
Discuss Olympic gamesS Olympics
The Perfect PersonThe Perfect Person
Do You Need Help?Need Help?
Use the passivePassive 3
Describe landscapeGeography
Junior's ChoiceJunior's Choice
I Really Want a DogI Really Want a Dog
Talk about sensesSenses
The ModelThe Model
Describe college lifeCollege 1
Bad PaintingBad Painting
Discuss technologyTech
Take My PhotoTake My Photo
Describe your studiesCollege 2
A New SportA New Sport
Lucy and the DinosaursLucy and the Dinosaurs
Learn math termsMath
Where Are My Keys?Where Are My Keys?
Talk about ChuseokChuseok
Dirty ApartmentDirty Apartment
Describe planetsSpace
The MonkeysThe Monkeys
Talk about SeollalSeollal
True ArtGood Art
The Waiter Is RightThe Waiter Is Right
Appreciate artworkArt
Discuss language learningLinguistic
I'm SickI Feel Sick
I Want to Eat PizzaI Want a Pizza
Talk about life at seaOceans
The DiaryThe Diary
Learn financial termsFinance
Oscar’s FlowersOscar's Flowers
Share health tipsHealth
Always LateAlways Late
Day OffDay Off

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