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Teaching Objective DebugName
Order in a cafeBasics 1
Describe your familyFamily 1
Form basic sentencesBasics 2
Greet other peopleGreetings
Order in a restaurantFood 1
Describe your jobWork 1
Describe your hobbiesHobbies 1
Say where you're fromPlaces 1
Ask about other peopleIntrod.
Ask for directionsDirections
Shop at a grocery storeMarket
Describe the weatherWeather 1
Describe your familyFamily 2
Talk about hobbiesHobbies 2
Describe language skillsLanguage 1
Talk about your homeHome 1
Make plans with friendsPlans 1
Discuss train travelTravel 1
Talk about shoppingShopping 1
Order at a restaurantRestaurant
Use commandsDirect. 2
Talk about birthdaysParty 1
Give health adviceHealth 1
Describe people you knowPeople 1
Talk about interestsHobbies 3
Discuss eventsEvents
Talk about your habitsHabits 1
Describe shared housingHome 2
Discuss hotel staysHotel 1
Refer to extended familyFamily 3
Name food you likeFood 2
Discuss detailed plansPlans 2
Plan to travel abroadTravel 2
Talk about your habitsHabits 2
Describe your jobWork 2
Talk about shoppingShopping 2
Discuss fashionStyle 1
Plan for a partyParty 2
Talk with housematesHome 3
Use feminine nounsFeminine
Plan a vacationHotel 2
Discuss neighborhoodsPlaces 2
Form compound wordsPlans 3
Invite someone to a partyParty 3
Talk about hobbiesHobbies 4
Express obligationsErrands
Describe opinionsOpinions 1
Make excusesExcuses
Ask for helpMoving
Talk about foodFood 3
Make holiday plansCelebrate
Describe item locationsHome 4
Talk about a bad dayDaily Life
Describe the weekendWeekend
Discuss fashionStyle 2
Describe your vacationVacation 1
Ask about routinesRoutines
Talk about animalsAnimals 1
Use spoken expressionsSpoken 1
Help find a lost itemLost Item
Discuss university lifeUniversity
Make concert plansConcert
Describe your familyFamily 4
Discuss hopes and dreamsDreams
Shop for a presentShopping 3
Talk to a doctorHealth 2
Share your memoriesMemories 1
Arrange a house partyParty 4
Ask for a favorFavors
Describe your jobWork 3
Order food deliveryFood 4
Discuss rumorsRumors
Talk about a dorm roomDormitory
Express feelingsFeelings 1
Discuss travel plansTravel 3
Talk about habitsHabits 3
Discuss student lifeSchool 1
Plan a trip to the moviesMovies
Describe your jobWork 4
Delegate choresHome 5
Discuss life in norwayNorway
Talk about nightlifeNightlife
Report an accidentAccident 1
Plan a dinner partyDinner
Discuss fashionStyle 3
Describe peoplePeople 2
Return a purchaseShopping 4
Express your opinionsOpinions 2
Discuss familiesFamily 5
Talk about communityPeople 3
Describe a vacationVacation 2
Attend a may 17th paradeCelebr. 2
Describe poor healthHealth 3
Book a hotel roomTravel 4
Describe peoplePeople 4
Talk about furnitureHome 6
Discuss a farm tripThe Farm 1
Fill out an applicationThe Bank 1
Describe student lifeSchool 2
Share your memoriesMemories 2
Ask for help shoppingShopping 5
Plan a trip to osloOslo
Describe recipesCooking 1
Recite a fairy taleFantasy 1
Make a phone callThe Phone
Talk with coworkersWork 5
Ask for tech supportTech. 1
Express feelingsFeelings 2
Describe health issuesHealth 4
Make dinner plansPlans 4
Discuss student lifeSchool 3
Talk about conflictConflict 1
Use adjectives as nounsDescribe 1
Describe placesPlaces 3
Discuss the springtimeSpring
Talk about familyFamily 6
Convey your thoughtsThoughts 1
Express dates and timesPlans 5
Talk about obligationsPeople 5
Use adverbsAdverbs 1
Discuss summer plansSummer
Talk about farm lifeThe Farm 2
Make polite requestsRequests
Discuss royaltyRoyalty
Talk about animalsAnimals 2
Describe objectsObjects
Discuss other peoplePeople 6
Describe actions at homeHome 7
Form compound wordsCompounds
Describe your bedroomBedroom
Talk about hygieneHygiene
Order at a restaurantFood 5
Discuss marriageMarriage
Talk about transitTransit 1
Use spoken expressionsSpoken 2
Talk about the fallFall
Describe personalitiesPeople 7
Talk about natureNature 1
Describe your jobWork 6
Use number phrasesNumbers
Discuss winter plansWinter
Make predictionsPrediction
Express desiresHope
Make comparisonsCompare 1
Discuss forms of wasteGarbage
Use the passive formPassive
Discuss nordic countriesNordics
Describe shapesShapes
Get by in a pharmacyPharmacy
Discuss travel plansTravel 5
Talk about daily lifeDaily L. 2
Talk about europeEurope
Order at a sushi placeRestaur. 2
Express feelingsFeelings 3
Explain ideasAbstract 1
Discuss other countriesThe World
Talk about the newsThe News 1
Use advanced adjectivesDescribe 2
Describe your jobWork 7
Report an accidentAccident 2
Describe technologyTech. 2
Talk about gardeningThe Garden
Check out library booksLibrary
Make predictionsPredict. 2
Make comparisonsCompare 2
Describe your jobWork 8
Plan a trip to a museumThe Museum
Convey your thoughtsThoughts 2
Talk about the theaterTheater
Share your memoriesMemories 3
Talk about childhoodChildren
Debate choices in lifeChoices
Express feelingsFeelings 4
Discuss philosophyPhilosophy
Describe measurementsMeasure 1
Talk about religionReligion 1
Discuss sportsSports
Talk about destinyDestiny
Send a package abroadPost Off.
Talk about natureNature 2
Describe the weatherWeather 2
Talk about exerciseExercise
Talk about gamesGames
Discuss literatureLiterature
Get by in a hospitalHealth 5
Talk about buildingsBuilding
Discuss ideasAbstract 2
Describe musicMusic 1
Talk about emergenciesEmergency
Comment on the artsThe Arts
Use present participlesPres. Par.
Talk about politicsPolitics 1
Describe your healthHealth 6
Talk about the newsThe News 2
Discuss fashionStyle 4
Describe poor healthHealth 7
Discuss measurementsMeasure 2
Talk about governmentPolitics 2
Communicate onlineOnline
Talk about conflictConflict 2
Describe musicMusic 2
Describe the lawLaw 1
Plan a city adventureThe City
Discuss marine lifeThe Sea 1
Discuss scienceScience 1
Form the conditionalCondition.
Name parts of the bodyHealth 8
Make predictionsPredict. 3
Talk about crimeLaw 2
Discuss student lifeSchool 4
Talk about transitTransit 2
Describe your jobWork 9
Express your identityIdentity
Talk about foodFood 6
Express feelingsFeelings 5
Use adverbsAdverbs 2
Discuss outer spaceSpace
Describe toolsTools
Tell fantastic storiesFantasy 2
Describe recipesCooking 2
Discuss romanceRomance
Talk about natureNature 3
Discuss current actionsContinuous
Discuss philosophyPhiloso. 2
Use advanced adjectivesDescribe 3
Describe languagesLanguage 2
Talk about bankingThe Bank 2
Discuss illnessesHealth 9
Order dessertDessert
Express your regretsRegrets
Discuss marine lifeThe Sea 2
Talk about conflictConflict 3
Discuss scienceScience 2
Talk about transitTransit 3
Discuss world historyHistory
Describe materialsMaterials
Talk about natureNature 4
Describe languagesLanguage 3
Talk about celebrationsCelebr. 3
Discuss fantasyFantasy 3
Describe your jobWork 10
Talk about religionReligion 2
Get by at the dentistDentist
Discuss nutritionNutrition
Reflect on delusionsDelusion
Help resolve conflictPeace

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