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Teaching Objective DebugName
Use basic phrasesBasics 1
Describe basic contextsBasics 2
Use common phrasesPhrases 1
Form negative phrasesNeg. 1
Talk about foodFood
Describe animalsAnimals
Ask questionsQuestions
Form the pluralPlurals
Make comparisonsStress pr.
Discuss clothesClothing
Use the present tensePresent
Describe thingsAdj. Basic
Use object pronounsObj. pron.
Talk about possessionsPoss.
Connect sentencesConj. 1
State factsIndef. pr.
Speak formallyFormal
Describe your familyFamily 1
Use normal word orderW. Order 1
Use reverse word orderW. Order 2
Describe colorsColors
Use prepositionsPrep. 1
Ask questionsQuest. 2
Use common verbsVerbs 1
Learn how to countNumbers 1
Use conjunctionsConj. 2
Describe positionPosition
Talk about placesPlaces
Use adverbsAdverbs 1
Tell timeTime
Use negative pronounsNeg. 2
Use your five sensesSenses
Use erEr
Talk about jobsJobs
Use modal verbsModals
Describe your homeHome
Talk about your bodyBody
Discuss activitiesVerbs 2
Form bigger numbersNumbers 2
Use a calendarCalendar
Use the continuous tenseContinuous
Talk about relativesPrep. 2
State factsFamily 2
Talk about relativesPr. Per. 1
Discuss past eventsShopping
Go shoppingSep. Verbs
Use separable verbsTe + inf.
Use teEmergency
Talk about emergenciesFeelings 1
Express your feelingsAdj. 2
Describe peopleComp. Noun
Combine nounsImperative
Give instructionsDemonstr.
Point at thingsGeo
Discuss geographyDirections
Give directionsPhrases 2
Learn common phrasesAdverbs 2
Use pronominal adverbsPron. Adv.
Discuss healthHealth 1
Conjugate strong verbsPr. Per. 2
Talk about foodFood 2
Use diminutivesDiminutive
Go on a tripTravel
Talk about the pastS. Past 1
Use reflexive verbsReflexives
Describe other peoplePeople
State factsVerbs 3
Describe a bathroomBathroom
Reflect on past eventsPr. Per. 3
Discuss natureNature
Talk about trafficTraffic
Discuss communicationComm.
Describe buildingsBuildings
Discuss future eventsFuture
Talk about free timeRecreation
Compare thingsComparison
Describe a kitchenKitchen
Say what it is made ofMaterials
Talk about schoolSchool
Use relative pronounsRel. pron.
Describe the weatherWeather
Talk about languageLanguage
Discuss the pastS. Past 2
Talk about technologyTechnology
Use passive verbsPassive
Discuss artArts 1
Use adjectivesAdj. 3
Talk about conceptsAbs. N. 1
Describe shapesShape
Talk about the mediaMedia
Use the conditionalCondit.
Talk about spaceSpace
Describe the worldMap
Use adverbsAdverbs 3
Describe past eventsPluperfect
Use present participlesPres. Part
Talk about performancesArts 2
Discuss sportsSports
Talk to a psychologistMind
Express your opinionOpinions
Use suffixesSuffixes
Talk about collegeUniversity
Describe symptomsHealth 2
Discuss looksLooks
Talk about scienceScience 1
Discuss societySociety
Do businessBusiness
Use perfect modalsModal Perf
Talk about romanceRomance
Use the past participlePast Part.
Express your feelingsFeelings 2
Talk about politicsPolitics 1
Use the gerundGerund
Explore scienceScience 2
Talk about conceptsAbs. N. 2
Discuss the economyEconomics
Talk about politicsPolitics 2
Talk about religionSpirit.
Discuss dutch historyHistory
Describe dutch holidaysHolidays
Discover the netherlandsNL 1
Learn about dutch foodNL 2
Discover belgiumBE

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