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Teaching Objective DebugName
Form basic sentencesBasics 1
Use the pluralBasics 2
Use basic phrasesPhrases
Describe animalsAnimals 1
Talk about foodFood 1
Discuss people and animalsDefining
Use demonstrativesDemonstr.
Describe people and thingsAdject. 1
Form the pluralPlurals
Discuss clothingClothing
Talk about the presentPresent 1
Say what you dislikeNegations
Use possessive pronounsPossession 1
Use object pronounsPronouns 1
Talk about things you doPresent 2
Describe your familyFamily
Talk about colorsColors
Ask basic questionsQuestions
Discuss activitiesPresent 3
Talk about timeTime
Discuss your houseHousehold
Use prepositionsPrep.
Discuss jobsOccupation
Talk to someone formallyFormal You
Describe thingsAdject. 2
Talk about peoplePeople
Use conjunctionsConjunct.
Talk about how you do thingsAdverbs
Refer to placesPlaces
Use determinersDetermin.
Talk about the presentPresent 4
Use numbersNumbers
Use forms of swójPossess. 2
Talk about travelTravel
Use infinitivesModal&Inf.
Talk about food and drinksFood 2
Use pronounsPronouns 2
Discuss animalsAnimals 2
Use perfective verbsPerfective
Talk about the pastPast Perf.
Describe activitiesV. Motion
Discuss abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 1
Use reflexive verbsReflexive
Talk about schoolEducation
Use the past tensePast Imp.
Describe thingsAdject. 3
Tell others what to doImperative
Talk about your healthMedical
Make comparisonsAdj. Comp.
Talk about natureNature
Express feelingsFeelings
Talk about hobbiesV. Nouns
Discuss present and pastPast&Pres.
Make comparisonsAdv. Comp.
Discuss abstract conceptsAbs. Ob. 2
Discuss the futureFut. Imp.
Talk about businessBusiness
Discuss communicationCommunic.
Use the conditionalV. Condit.
Talk about scienceScience
Say what will happenFut. Perf.
Talk about politicsPolitics
Discuss artArts
Use passive voicePassive
Talk about sportsSports
Discuss religionSpiritual
Use participlesPart.&Ger.

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