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Teaching Objective DebugName
Introduce yourselfBasics 1
Refer to othersBasics 2
Greet peoplePhrases
Talk about basic foodsFood 1
Describe foods and drinksFood 2
Name animalsAnimals
Form the pluralPlurals
Use adjectivesAdject.
Use singular articlesDef.Art.Sg
Use plural articlesDef.Art.Pl
Use the infinitiveInfinitive
Express possessionPossessive
Use numbersNumbers 1
Describe clothingClothing
Make comparisonsAdj. Comp.
Talk about habitsPresent 1
Name colorsColors
Apply numerical orderNumbers 2
Refer to present actionsPresent 2
Tell dates and timesDates&Time
Introduce your familyFamily
Use pronounsAcc. Pron.
Discuss workOccupat. 1
Describe jobsOccupat. 2
Use prepositionsPrep. 1
Distinguish variationsDPPA
Express measurementMeasure
Refer to common objectsObjects
Use pronounsDatPron
Describe propertiesProperties
Refine noun usageGenDatNoun
Talk about placesPlaces
Express nationalityNations
Discuss politicsPolitics
Use conjunctionsConj.
Use adverbsAdverbs
Use pronounsPronouns
Use prepositionsPrep. 2
Describe the human bodyHuman Body
Refer to peoplePeople
Talk about your homeHousehold
Say how you feelSensations
Use reflexive verbsReflexive
Talk about travelsTravel
Refer to past actionsPast 1
Describe natureNature
Discuss scienceScience
Use the past tensePast 2
Talk about educationEducation
Express unfinished actionsImperfect
Express possibilitySubjunct.
Discuss to artArts
Describe your hobbiesHobbies
Talk about sportsSports
Project future eventsFuture
Use gerundsGerund
Say what you would doOpt. Cond.
Make impersonal remarksIVVS
Talk about economicsEconomics
Identify medical issuesMedical
Refer to holidaysHolidays
Discuss religionReligion

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