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Teaching Objective DebugName
Order food and drinkBasics 1
Describe your familyFamily 1
Greet peopleGreetings
Talk about food and drinkFood 1
Describe your jobWork 1
Talk about possessionsHome 1
Discuss hobbiesHobbies 1
Describe animalsZoo
Form questionsTravel 1
Get around townDirections
Talk about things you doBasics 2
Discuss food preferencesFood 2
Describe animalsAnimals
Use definite nounsDefinites
Form the pluralPlurals
Talk about possessionsPoss.
Use pronounsObj. Pron.
Discuss clothingClothing
Use the present tensePresent 1
Describe colorsColors
Ask questionsQuestions
Use common prepositionsPrep.
Talk about timeTime 1
Express dates and timesTime 2
Talk about your familyFamily 2
Talk about occupationsWork 2
Describe thingsAdject. 1
Express opinionsAdject. 2
Use the present tensePresent 2
Describe your routineAdverbs 1
Use adverbsAdverbs 2
Identify common objectsObjects 1
Describe a cityPlaces 1
Talk about naturePlaces 2
Describe things around youObjects 2
Talk about relationshipsPeople
Use numbersNumbers 1
Get around townTravel 2
Describe activitiesDetermin.
Talk about timeNumbers 2
Describe things you doPresent 3
Discuss habitsPresent 4
Communicate at schoolEducation
Use the past tensePast 1
Discuss recent eventsPast 2
Talk about hobbiesInfinit. 1
Use the infinitiveInfinit. 2
Discuss destinationsGeography
Describe activitiesPast 3
Comment on foodsFood 3
Express feelingsFeelings
Exchange informationAbstract 1
Talk about changesAdject. 3
Discuss abstract conceptsAbstract 2
Use adjectivesAdject. 4
Discuss recent eventsPerfect 1
Use the past perfectPerfect 2
Talk about animalsAnimals 2
Use commandsImperative
Make plansFuture
Express likes and dislikesInfinit. 3
Discuss the pastPast Perf.
Use the infinitiveInfinit. 4
Comment on the weatherNature 1
Talk about natureNature 2
Express opinionsAdject. 5
Exchange informationAdverbs 3
Discuss workAbstract 3
Talk about a problemAbstract 4
Comment on sportsSports
Get around townDirect. 2
Discuss health issuesMedical 1
Talk about artArts
Communicate with a doctorMedical 2
Discuss politicsPolitics 1
Talk about conflictsPolitics 2
Comment on the newsCommunic.
Discuss others' livesAct. Part.
Describe technologyScience 1
Discuss scienceScience 2
Use the conditionalCondit.
Discuss spiritualitySpiritual
Use the passive formPassive
Discuss businessBusiness
Talk about celebrationsCelebrate

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