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Teaching Objective DebugName
Introduce yourselfIntro
Ask how someone isGreetings
Express regretGreetings 2
Talk about schoolPeople
Talk about languagesIntro 2
Identify people's jobsJobs
Form the present tensePresent
Use the possessiveM/Mi
Discuss choresChores
Ask for foodFood
Say what you're doingVerbs
Tell what someone hasHave
Say what someone doesPresent 2
Name things at homeKi/Vi
Discuss technologyN/N
Talk about farmingJi/Ma
Count objectsNumbers
Use adjectivesAdjectives
Describe amountsQuant Adj.
Give commandsCommands
Describe clothingClothing
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about appearancesU/N
Say what is happeningPresent 3
Refer to animalsAnimals
Discuss shoppingShopping
Form the past tensePast
Give the time and dateTime
Use the future tenseFuture
Say what you have donePast 2
Name parts of the bodyBody
Tell where things areLocatives
Describe the weatherWeather
Use adverbsAdv+Conj
Form direct objectsObj. Inf.
Discuss transportationTransport
Give reasonsPrep+Conj
Talk about emotionsEmotions
Describe surroundingsDemonst.
Discuss schoolSchool
Talk about cookingFood 2
Describe animalsAnimals 2
Say who you're withWith
Name colorsColors
Talk about placesPlaces
Say what you will doCond.
Discuss medicineMedicine
Talk about sportsSports
Refer to activitiesPiga
Make suggestionsLet's Go
Describe your familyFamily
Say what you should doSubjunc. 1
Tell what not to doSubjunc. 2
Talk about countriesCountries
Describe beliefsSpiritual
Give directionsDirections
Talk about politicsPolitics
Use reciprocal verbsRec. Verbs
Discuss scienceScience
Talk about tourismTourism
State what is possibleVerbs 2
Say what you won't doNeg. Cond.
Describe habitsHabitual
Say what you would doCond. 2
Discuss healthLife
Talk about holidaysHolidays
Refer to yourselfSelf
Describe natureNature
Talk about languageLanguage
Add detailsRelatives
Use figures of speechIdioms
Say what could have beenCond. Past
Talk about governmentPolitics 2

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