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TeachingObjective DebugName
Talk about food and drinksBasics
Use common phrasesPhrases
Describe thingsAdj.1
Talk about foodFood
Use accusative caseAccusative
Describe animalsAnimal
Form the pluralPlural
Describe thingsTo be
Say who something belongs toPossessive
Talk about occupationsOccupation
Use indirect objectsDat. Pro.
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about placesLocative
Use numbersNumbers
Discuss clothingClothes
Describe current actionsPres.Cont1
Tell timeTime
Use ablative caseAblative
Talk about colorsColors
Use dative caseDative
Say what time it isTime?
Say where things arePostpo.
Describe peopleWith
Form complex sentencesConjunc.
Ask questionsQues - 2
Describe family membersFamily
Use pronounsQuant&Pron
Use adverbsAdverbs
Say what is notNegation
Say where people are fromNations
Use infinitivesInfinitive
Discuss tripsTravel
Talk about peoplePeople
Form ordinal numbersOrd. Num.
Say what's happening nowPres.Cont2
Identify objectsObject
Discuss past eventsPast
Describe thingsAdj. 2
Talk about the futureFuture
Discuss school lifeEducation
Use negationNegation 2
Make suggestionsSuggestion
Connect two clauseski
Use reflexive pronounsReflex.Pr
Describe abstract objectsAbst. Obj.
Use gerundsGerunds
Talk about the presentAorist
Use adjectives and adverbsAdj.&Adv.
Talk to a doctorHealth
Use negationNegation 3
Talk about old habitsUsed to
Indicate periods of timeWhile&When
Talk about politicsPolitics
Express abilitiesCan
Talk about obligationsMust
Discuss sportsSports
Talk about the pastNarrative
Describe natureNature
Say what might happenIf
Use object participles-(i)dIk
Discuss artArt
Use passive voicePassive
Talk about timeWhen
Use relative pronounsRel. Pro.
Discuss scienceScience
Talk about economyBusiness
Communicate with TurksTurkey

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