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Ukrainian from English 58 Units, 51 Different Lessons:

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Teaching Objective DebugName
Learn the alphabetLetters 1
Recognize soundsLetters 2
Use unique lettersLetters 3
Make small talkPhrases
Identify animalsAnimals
Talk about familyFamily
Use basic numbersNumbers 1
Form large numbersNumbers 2
Describe hobbiesHobby
Talk about workOccupation
Describe foodFood 1
Talk about cookingFood 2
Use the instrumental caseInstr.
Talk about foodGenitive
Order food and drinkCafe
Use present tensePresent 1
Identify placesPlaces
Talk about common objectsObjects
Discuss clothingClothes
Describe colorsColors
Talk about the pastPast Tense
Use present tensePresent 2
Discuss shoppingShopping
Refer to the seasonsCalendar 1
Talk about the futureFuture
Use motion verbsMotion V.
Identify times of dayCalendar 2
Discuss public transitTransport
Talk about travelTraveling
Use the dative casePron. Dat.
Use the accusative casePron. Acc.
Talk about sportsSports
Use modal verbsModal V.
Describe peoplePeople
Use adverbsAdverbs
Use ordinal numbersOrdinal
Describe appearanceAppearance
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about the artsArts
Describe natureNature
Use indefinite articlesIndefinite
Ask about healthHealth
Talk about schoolEducation
Discuss businessBusiness
Use verb formsVerb. Asp.
Discuss spiritualitySpiritual
Use complex sentencesCompl.Sent
Review casesCases.Rev.
Talk about eventsEvents
Discuss abstract ideasAbstract
Talk about technologyMedia. IT.

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