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Vietnamese from English 85 Units, 75 Different Lessons:

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TeachingObjective DebugName
Introduce yourselfBasic
Order drinkCafe
Greet peopleGreeting 1
Introduce family membersFamily 1
Request to the waiterRestaurant
Talk about placesLocation 1
Communicate at schoolSchool
Communicate when travelingTravel
Talk about the priceShopping 1
Talk about family membersFamily 2
Describe actionsBasics 1
Make basic questionsAlphabet 1
Make basic statementsAlphabet 2
Discuss at restaurantsBasics 2
Greet peoplePhrases
Describe animalsAnimals 1
Discuss clothingClothing
Talk about foodFood
Describe activitiesVerbs 1
Identify household goodsObjects
Describe colorsColors
Express opinionsAdject. 1
Identify numbersuse Numbers
Common conjunctionsConjunct.
Use the present tenseContinuous
Use common verbsVerbs 2
Tell your routineTime
Describe your familyFamily
Say where things arePrepos 1
Advise your friendsPhrases 2
Talk about nationalitiesCountry 1
Express opinionsNominalize
Talk about occupationsJobs 1
Describe qualitiesAttributes
Tell the facts you discoverVerbs 2.5
Describe characteristicsAdject 1.5
Identify household goodsObjects 2
Use conjunctionsConj. 2
Use adverbsAdverbs
Describe citiesPlaces
Discuss the timeTime 2
Introduce the past tensePast
Use basic verbsVerbs 3
Describe locationPassive
Communicate at schoolEducation
Use common phrasesPhrases 3
Identify determinersDeterm.
Describe people around youPeople
Talk with coworkersAb. Obj 1
Chat with your friendsVerbs 4
Identify wild animalsAnimals 2
Talk about communicationComm.
Describe natureNature
Express feelingsAdject. 2
Use common vocabularyMisc.
Talk about politicsPolitics
Discuss sportsSports
Talk about the artsArts
Describe yourselfAbs. Obj 2
Use determinersClassif. 2
Talk about occupationsJobs 2
Identify body partsMedical
Talk about scienceScience
Discuss the economyEconomics
Talk about astronomyAstronomy
Express surpriseAdject. 3
Discuss VietnamVietnam
Use common phrasestalk Verbs 5
About current eventsHistory
Discuss about moralityAb. Obj 3
Talk about the armyMilitary
Discuss the supernaturalParanormal
Use advanced vocabularyAdvanced
Use idiomsSlang
Express opinionsAdvanced 2

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