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Teaching Objective DebugName
Learn the alphabetLetters 1
Learn the alphabetLetters 2
Learn the alphabetLetters 3
Learn the alphabetLetters 4
Introduce yourselfHello!
Talk about your homeHome
Describe your mealFood 1
Use second personYou
Refer to yourselfMe
Ask questionsQuestions
Talk about flowersMore
Express originOrigin
Discuss your needsNeed
Form questionsWhich
Talk about timeTime
Make travel plansTrip
Describe siblingsSiblings
Talk about familyFamily
Describe your hobbiesHobbies
Attend a family reunionSuffix
Make complaintsComplain
Express your food likesFood 2
Discuss qualityHow is it?
Talk about foodMeal
Order at a restaurantRestaurant
Talk about classesClassroom
Discuss breakfastBreakfast
Make plans with friendsFriends
Talk about shoppingShop
Describe your vacationVacation
Talk about languagesLanguages
Take time to relaxLeisure
Express your likesCaring
Talk about schoolSchool
Describe your homeFurniture
Have a Shabbos mealShabbos
Plan a partyParty
Use the imperativeRequests
Communicate quantityNumbers
Discuss the weatherWeather
Chat at the officeOffice
Pick out clothesClothes
Meet new peoplePeople
Talk about collegeUniversity
Shop for foodMarket
Celebrate HanukkahHanukkah
Talk about your petsPets
Discuss cookingCooking
Talk about the zooZoo
Describe a parkPark
Plan your travelTravel
Discuss your jobJob
Describe where you liveLiving
Use the word whoseWhose
Form emphatic sentencesDoes!
Talk about testsLearning
Describe your familyFamily 2
Celebrate PurimPurim
Talk about the oceanWater
Describe materialsMaterials
Communicate at a caféCafé
Describe the forestForest
Celebrate PassoverPassover
Use the future tenseFuture
Discuss feeling sickSick
Celebrate SukkosSukkos
Describe past habitsUsed to
Refer to body partsBody
Talk about bedtimeBedroom
Discuss health issuesMedical
Talk about bakingBaking
Use diminutivesDiminutive
Form passive sentencesPassive
Use indefinite pronounsIndef. Pro
Describe your feelingsFeelings
Use verbs with זיךReflexive
Discuss bakingBaking 2
Use baby languageCute!
Discuss your religionReligion
Use idiomsPhrases
Form phrases with wouldWould
Talk about readingWords
Make demandsPresent
Talk about the weatherClimate
Make small talkSayings
Identify titlesAbbrev
Express fear and regretForgive me
Discuss careersWork
Attend a weddingWedding
Tell a fantasy storyFantasy
Express wishesGood luck!
Use Hasidic YiddishChassidish
Use Lithuanian YiddishLitvish
Expand your vocabularySynonyms

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