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Teaching Objective DebugName
Use basic greetingsGreetings
Say what food you likeFood
Introduce yourselfIntro
Buy food itemsMarket
Name domestic animalsAnimals
Describe wild animalsSafari
Discuss hobbiesHobbies
Use the future tenseTravel
Talk about jobsJobs
Use public transportTaxis
Describe farm animalsFarm
Plan a shopping listShopping
Talk about habitsHabits
Use the past tenseWeekend
Say what you are doingRestaurant
Give directionsDirections
Introduce your familyFamily
Visit the doctorDoctor
Say what you didZoo
Say where you are fromOrigins
Describe what's in your houseAt home
Ask for help to find shopsThe Mall
Describe upcoming partyBirthday
Talk about schoolSchool
Discuss travel plansVacation
Visit familyVisitor
Shop for clothesClothes
Describe peoplePictures
Talk about a weddingWedding
Discuss your jobWork
Make plans to moveMoving
Talk about a soccer gameSoccer
Discuss plans with friendsHang out
Use demonstrative pronounsIn Transit
Practice using direct objectsID

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